Monday, May 28, 2007


A couple months ago my cousin called me to get my address to invite me to her son's Bar Mitzvah. She also asked that I bring Jay-Z in hopes that he could preform a song, promising that it'd be a Bar Mitzvah like no-other. "It's gonna be South Beach themed!" she told me... "I'm telling you Sarah, this is going to be a big party. Please see if he'll do ONE SONG." Since it was Memorial Day weekend, the Jigga's appearance probably wouldn't be possible, but mine would!!!

Cynthia didn't disappoint! While South Beach really isnt my scene (mostly because I can't get into the parties or clubs down there... even when I DJ them cause I dont really fit the SB aesthetic of pretty, skinny, tan and rich-looking), I could fully appreciate that my gorgeous cousin was able to pull off the whole look and feel of the ultimate south beach extraveganza. This Bar Mitzvah took place in a Shul in Deal, NJ -- but really it looked like the opposite of a house of worship. Every last detail (minus the super drunk girl puking in a corner and a whore of dialated pupils), was taken care of... even the cylinder bottles of water that you might get at the Shore Club... only these had "Morris" written on them.

Here are some photos:

On Saturday I went to Andy Greenwald and Rachel Bien's wedding in Long Island City at the Foundry. I DJed the later portion of the night, but here is the adorable couple during the ceremony. I'm bummed that this photo didnt fully capture the look of ecstacy that Rachel had on her face the whole time. It was so cute, she kept on looking at everyone there with the biggest smile on her face. My water works started flooding out around this moment:

It was really nice seeing my old SPIN friends there. I got put on the Rogue table with Fernando (who was carlos -- i think that was his fake name -- in andy's novel), Becky from Lavender Diamond, whose EP I've been so in love with for ages... it turns out she went to college with Andy and Rachel and had something to do with them getting together. Also on our table was Scott Coffey, an actor from "Some Kind of Wonderful" and a ton of David Lynch movies... he's adapting Andy's book to film. And of course, Beth Wawerna, who wrote the news when Andy ran it. I had such a great time. I wish I could go back.

Yesterday I went to Brunch with Karen and Monkey at La Palapa. I LOVE LA PALAPA. Best Brunch in NYC. It's sort of Nouveau Mexican with the sweetest wait staff and THE BEST HUEVOS RANCHEROS VERDES ON THE PLANET. If you live in the city you must go to the 8th St and 1st Ave location. Get the brunch menu. Thank me later... try the frozen margaritas in all the flavors. Anyway, how cool does Monkey look?

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