Monday, December 20, 2010


A few years ago I had a record label called Stolen Transmission that went through Island Def Jam. One of the artists signed to the label was an insanely talented and sweet teenager named Dan Hunter who went as PlayRadioPlay!. He was an earnest Christian that we all took bets on trying to figure out when he'd decide that he wasn't into Jesus anymore and into... other stuff. I liked that he was a Christian -- it meant that he'd be less trouble on the road... but he was a precocious kid and it was only a matter of time before the darkside kicked it. It took just about a year. The music industry can make anyone lose their faith in God.

After Stolen Transmission parted ways from Island Def Jam and eventually dissolved, Dan Hunter started a new project called Analog Rebellion. I assume the name change was meant to be reflective of his life changes, musical changes, and well, just changes in general. The music from Analog Rebellion saw more nods to Granddaddy than PRP! did, which seemed to borrow a bit from Postal Service.

On this new track, which I yanked from the Dallas Observer, he seems to play with the rhythm section of The Walkmen's classic "The Rat," while coyly playing homage to one of their earliest works "We've Been Had," in the title "You've Been Had (Machine)."

If you like that song, definitely check out the rest of his work. Daniel is insanely prolific and kind of brilliant. ... i can't believe how much he's grown!!!!

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Josh said...

Dan's the fucking best and his music has really grown in the last couple of years. Best song: Decipher Reflections from Reality. just sayin....