Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Right now I'm gonna call bullshit, but it seems that the twitterwebs is all aflutter about Suge Knight getting arrested for the murder of Tupac.

Some of it seems to be stemming from this video, which i took from but you might notice that the part when they reporter says what Suge was arrested for is obviously an over dub AND... the date in the video is from May, and the KTLA site has nothing about this. Womp Womp. Better luck next time.

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Anonymous said...

lol imma sound like a geek but. If you watch closely no where do they say that suge knight murdered tupac until the very end. Suge knights been arrest like 30 times in the past, so they blend different news stories (and if u notice from 2 different news stations). Now @ the Very end with the black guy who says that suge knight did it, you can tell who ever made the video blended his voice over it.. if you watch as he walks up the walkway thats when he says suge did it.. with his back turned. No news story ends like that lol. He did a great editing job but fake. ‎@ like 1:25 u can hear the editing in his voice dubb too.. lol the unnatural break and pause.. I record so i have a ear for it i guess.. ::walks off like the geek he is::