Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've noticed that people have been finding their way onto my blog by searching certain terms, so I figured I'd help out those trying to find answers. Here are the terms people looked up in the past 24 hours to find this blog.
  • stolen transmission: that's a record label i used to run with Rob Stevenson. it started out as a singles label in my bedroom where me and my friends would make handmade CD singles that looked amazing. In this phase I released singles by: The Oohlas, Louis XIV, Nightmare of You, The Spinto Band, Apartment, Saints & Lovers, and Young Love. Rob and I partnered up (he guided me along the whole time leading up to the partnership) and made Stolen Transmission a joint venture with Island/DefJam. Our partnership lasted 2 years until Rob was ... fired (?). Via Island/DefJam we released albums from: The Horrors, The Oohlas, Bright Light Fever, The Photo Atlas, innerpartysystem, Schoolyard Heroes, PlayRadioPlay, Monty Are I, and Permanent Me.
  • Ultragrrrl/Ultragrrl/Sarah Lewitinn/Ultragirl/dj ultragrrrl: That's Me! You should also check out my wikipedia page or my DJ Press page.
  • "2 chicks 1 dick" pornstars i have NO IDEA what this means.
  • dave maresca: i went to middle school and high school with dave in Tenafly, NJ. He was great and had awesome taste in music. Here is his facebook.
  • blogsot joy division singles: yes, spelled incorrectly, but that's ok. you landed here. What exactly are you looking for?
  • boyfriend is a genius: it's true. they all were genius. all of them. i'm totally serious. one was a musical genius. another a writing genius. and the most recent is a master of many hidden talents.
  • brandon flowers wyatt: Wyatt Boswell is Brandon Flowers' best friend from growing up in Utah. He is super goodlooking and happens to be one of the funniest motherfuckers I've ever known. He isn't stoked when i post his photo online, but i will. This is him.
  • chris black done to death: chris is one of my most favorite people on earth. he is the coolest motherfucker i've ever known. I used to get in trouble at Stolen Transmission because nearly every expense i turned in was me taking Chris Black out when he was in NYC. Now he lives across the street from me and i don't see him as much as I'd like. Here is his Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. He managed to make a living by being cool, and i gotta say: he deserves that. He also manages Cartel and U.S. Royalty.
  • innerpartysystem stoya: You're looking for their video for "this empty love" ... the video was directed/shot by Penta. here it is.
  • little boy fuck / little.boys.fucking: i have no idea why someone would search this and find themselves on my blog.
  • park city resort discount sledding/park city sledding/park city sleading: i went to park city with the Misshapes and The Horrors one year for that film festival. it was so much fun. One night Leigh and Geo got an inflatable bed and brought it outside and we went sledding down a hill with it. that was so much fun. Here are videos of us sledding.
  • sarah lewitinn the ultragrrrl report: i used to cohost a show on FUSE called "FUSE on Tour" and I had a segment called "The Ultragrrrl Report." I don't think there are clips up, but there's a blog i used to do on the fuse site.
  • songs from life's a zoo: no idea... but i did go to the zoo once with my ex boyfriend (both david and brandon) and i think i titled the blog entry "life's a zoo."
  • team facelift blogspot: here's where i write about Team Facelift.
  • teen fuck: no idea.
  • thanksgiving dinner music: i dont have a list available, but i'm sure i can find one or make one.
  • this is sooo boring: i know, right?
  • ultra girl sxsw: i go there almost every year and try to throw a party each time. once was at the Redbull Space and the other was at Ben Brown's house and Idlewild played in his living room and i'm jealous of myself for that.
  • while you were sleeping sarah blog: more of that column here.
  • wyatt, ultragrrrl: I love Wyatt. I met him in 2003 with KarenPlusOne when we had dinner with the Killers their first time in NYC. I thought he was cute and the funniest dude. Brandon Flowers wanted us to get married. The two of them call me Jew. Wyatt is one of my "platonic boyfriends." What is that? That's a dude that you go everywhere with and share a bed with and spoon with but never make out or anything. It's like being married, sorta.
And lastly, these terms get the MOST traffic to my blog:
best animated gif
best animated .gif
best gif ever
greatest animated gif

They all lead to this photo:
But here are more:


faith said...

small world! I know ben brown and have been to countless shows at his house. when was the idlewild show?

Anonymous said...

Where CAN we see clips of the Ultragrrrl Report? I never saw an episode.

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