Monday, January 10, 2005


Since I don't have time to write about my weekend at the moment (it was fun, thanks for asking), I'm gonna post what my friend wrote about his weekend:

sometimes my life is outta a movie. this weekend was all about vip and being catred to. we got a suite. drugs were givin to us everywhere. we got into the porn convention for nothing, because lets face it, if you gotta pay for it it just takes all the excitement outta it. everywhere we went we avoided hour lines and got to our roped off awaitde table which was filled with the best champagne and vodka complete with all mixers. we met tons of people. we took a town car everywhere. ladies flocked. i managed to get a hold of 3 porn stars that i knew where out there and so the last night ended in a serious orgy. i love my life. i hope im not peaking though.

In addition to that his limo driver had a suitcase full of more drugs than my last birthday party.


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