Thursday, January 20, 2005


the oohlas and The Prix are playing a show tonight at the Knitting Factory in LA and i really really really suggest that you go. I just sent the oohlas a box of their single... only 20 of them, so you'll be able to pick them up there if you want. Get them while you can.

On a totally different note, i'd like to use this opportunity, since this is my blog to voice my opinions and feelings, to say that Greg the BF is looking hotter than ever these days. Holy moly. I got totally giddy around him last night.

Oh, last night i went to this party called Shindig that The Sexy Magazines have started to throw. I had no idea what to expect of it -- all i knew was that it would cost $10 to get in, there would be an open bar, and 4 bands would be playing. Um, it was pretty much one of the coolest parties i'd ever been to and the Vicar said it best when he said "i feel like i'm swimming in a sea of hip." It was sort of like one of those parties that you wish you could go to every day of the week... presumably when the weather is better and a cab doesn't splash slush all over your all white j.lo style get up. It was one of those parties that made me forget about the fact that I spend most of the day sad. It was fun. My hat's off to Franco for pulling it off. The Five O'Clock Heroes performed their last show in the states for three months cause they're going to the UK to open for the Bravery. I loved watching them from upfront with the crowd swelling up so much that i was nearly lined up with Antony. It was like being at a Libertines gig, minus the heroin.

tonight I'm going to southpaw to see Army of Me. Ground control to emotom.

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