Saturday, January 15, 2005


I want to thank everyone for their incredibly kind words. I can't express how much it helped me and even the rest of my family. It's been really hard, but I'm happy to at least know that Maxine is no longer in pain, and I'm happy that I was there with her for her final moments because I never would've been able to deal otherwise.

On a totally different and lighter note, and since I'm looking for something to take my mind off things for a bit...

Almost everyone that ordered their oohlas singles should've recieved them by now. To the few of you who haven't yet (basically orders placed post January 5), I'm very sorry. I'm quickly making more -- the artwork takes some time. Anyway, I was just wondering what you all thought of this single -- the music and the artwork, and whatever else goes with it. I'm just so in love with the oohlas, and I'm hoping that everyone else is as well.

PS - THE KILLERS will be on SNL tonight. If I'm not at the taping (Horatio Sans still has a restraining order against me... i keed i keed), i'll be at the Saints + Lovers show at the mercury lounge and then Kaiser Cheifs show at the tribeca grand. Music is awesome.


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