Wednesday, January 26, 2005


My friend Ollie is a really hot jewish British lawyer in London (my mom's dream man for me, right?) who likes to send me music every so often that i either love or hate. He was the first person to send me Bloc Party over a year ago... and so now he's sent me some more stuff:

This band simply called Keith. Download the song "Mona Lisa" (them and Britney looove the Mona Lisa these days). The song has almost the exact same rhythm riff as Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" but in an excusable way, cause apart from that, they're nothing like FF. I tried to get Karen to listen to it, but she's too busy. I promised her that it doesn't sound like a bunch of retards clapping (which is sort of what she thought the Annimal Collective sounded like... and she's right... but i still love them).

The second band Ollie sent me was Doloroso. I'm digging the song "Radio Silence". Who do they sound like? Damn, it's right on the tip of my brain, but I can't figure it out. The production reminds me of that band Rialto a little, but the band sounds like... something old and dark and french cinematic.

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