Friday, January 14, 2005

my mom and i were laying in bed with maxine, trying to be with her so she knew that she was with people that loved her. i kept my thigh touching her body so that as she slept, despite her blindness, she could feel me. i gave her kisses. and then she started shaking. having a seizure it appeared. i yelled to my mom who was laying about a foot frome me "mom, something's wrong. something's wrong! i think she's having a heartattack." we petted her and kissed her, not knowing what to do. "should we take her to the hospital?" my mom asked? "i dont think we have time." i replied.

i placed her on the ground and her seizures started to get worse. I ran off to put on my jeans and picked her up out of the arms of the woman whom my mom hired as a housekeeper/dog carer (we're not wealthy people by any means, but this dog required a lot of attention and care, and with my mom working... oh i dont have to explain). My mom and i ran downstairs and jumped into her car as my dog's body continued to shake and stiffen in my arms. a few miles of driving and i turned to my mom and asked her if she passed gas. she said she didnt and we realized that it was my dog. it turns out that when dogs are dying, they tend to deficate. we drove a few miles, the two of us freaking out. my mom driving as i held my dogs head and rocked her body praying that she was just having a prolonged seizure. suddenly i saw death. i saw her curl and her face make a look that i'd never seen before. she let out a sigh. "oh my god, mom! something's not right! mom i think she's dead. mom!" and i knew she was gone. her body went limp. her eyes didnt close. her mouth didnt close. i started hysterically crying. my mom said "she's not dead. she's not dead. we're going to the hospital. she's not dead." i cradled and kissed her, but i knew my mom was wrong.

as we got to the hospital i ran out of the door and handed her to the attendant who was waiting for us. "i think it's too late." i told her. she quickly carried her to the back and tried to revive her. it was too late.

RIP Maxine Lewitinn
1989 - 2005

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