Tuesday, January 4, 2005


I was just wondering what songs I listen to the most at work, so I clicked on "Play count" on my itunes and here are my top 20:

1. gone - the oohlas
2. the rapid - the oohlas
3. Neighborhood #3 (power out) - the arcade fire
4. Evil - Interpol
5. Take You on a Cruise - Interpol
6. Slow Hands - Interpol
7. Next Exit - Interpol
8. Apocalypse Please - Muse
9. I Just Wanna Live - Good Charlotte
10. the cahuenga shuffle - the oohlas
11. Long Time Coming - Delays
12. Cordial Invitation - Giant Drag
13. slow mo disco - the oohlas
14. NARC - Interpol
15. rupert krikor chang - the oohlas
16. If It's Up to Us - The Vicar
17. Helena - My Chemical Romance
18. Nearer Than Heaven - Delays
19. You are the Generation Who Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve - Johnnyboy
20. Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself - The Killers

Something doesn't seem right... cause as the people who sit by me at work can tell you, I listen to a lot more Killers than that... I wonder if my itunes reset it self when i hit 1000 plays.

Rather than point out the excessive lack of Joy Division in there, tell me what's your top twenty.

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