Monday, January 24, 2005


My favorite canadian lesbian twins, ever, came to the SPIN offices while I was home sick with the flu the other week and played a bunch of songs acoustic. The fine people at were kind enough to tape a bunch of the songs and post them on the site. For real, it's worth watching.

Also, this is awesome (NTotallySFW). Just about as awesome as finding out that this guy you used to date is now going out with a 20 year old french model with a name cooler than yours, if you get my drift. Oh, hey, if you're the Dr. Steve that i met this weekend at Misshapes, i need some of that medical advice you said you'd give: Is it possible for your vision to go blurry from looking at gruesome photos? My friend apparently can't see straight after looking at photos from that blog of some guy cutting off his dick. Please advise.

So how was everyone's snowy weekend? Brian came over on Friday to cheer me up and took me to see Grant's band Fiasco at Rothko. I was supposed to DJ but was too emotionally spent to be out of the house for more than an hour. Touch of Class did an amazing job DJing -- FAR MORE amazing than me cause they're actual DJs. I just pick records.

Jordan came over on saturday night and we OnDemanded The Wizard starring Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis. Halfway through Adam Mandel came over (followed by Brian and Meredith, and Jordan's friend Alex) and magically found Tobey McGuire hanging out as an extra. The casting in this movie is amazing and the little dude that played the Wizard went on to be super fucking hot.

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