Wednesday, March 2, 2005


Linsday and TMFTML finally put their wine glasses down long enough to scribe this comedic brilliance that readers of my comments section will definitely enjoy. Sorry EvBates! Surely, even you'll find this hilarious.

And incase you were wondering why I love the new Good Charlotte record so much, I think this might help explain some things:

DISCLAIMER: I actually like the GC album cause it's really fucking good. Everyone I've sent it to, who previously didn't like it, gave it up to them for making a really underrated and awesome, record.

Inspiration from The Gay Master.


Due to overwhelming demand, and permission from Rina, i'm reposting my family photo:
Left to right: Cousins Eric (17), Renee (11), Lawrence and Rina, Cousin Maurice (18), Me, and my aunt Nancy (my cousins' mom and my mom's sister).

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