Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Did anyone reading this make it to the Tarts of Pleasure Pep Rally? I think it was possibly sold out... or just incredibly packed.

Hot Chip, with their five synths all in a line at the front of the stage, were a lot better than i expected. I actually had no idea what to expect other than a great live show, and they didn't disappoint. Electro-ish, but not in a brooklyn way.

Maximo Park were really fucking great. Tight as sin and songs that make you tap your foot no matter how hard you try. They're along the lines of the Futureheads or the Bravery.

Karen and I dressed as cheerleaders with the word TARTS across our chest. I kept on saying how i really wanted to go home with a boy so I could have the greatest walk-of-shame outfit ever. I would cover the "TARTS" with my hands, my face with a frown, going "noooooooo."

But alas, no walk-of-shame for me!

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