Monday, March 7, 2005


OK, right now, for the past two hours i've been in love with my digital cable Tivo thingy.

It allowed me to go back to back from American Idol -- a show i really actually like -- to Bjork's performance on SNL. It's like, "this is fake. this is real." And it's not that i have anything against the show or it's contestants. I think some of them are really great and potentially fantastic (kelly clarkson, anyone?) But none of them really have what Bjork has in this performance. There, on my screen, she stands in a sparkly green dress while behind her are about 10 string players. She bounces in place, totally posessed by her song. Her voice as unique as her name. Not cookie cutter. Not comparable. I sat watching American Idol thinking about how I really wish at least one of them would bust out a Radiohead song -- something that showed range but wasn't your typical Edwin McCain/Sting ballad -- no such luck. I honestly wouldn't have minded if they performed "Creep" (which i think someone did once on a prior season). That guy who won the World Idol competition, Kurt Neilson, sang "Hunting High And Low" by A-ha and "She's so High" by some other band... which isn't a particularly risky song, but he OWNED IT.

Oh, by the way, one of the guys on AI is from that band Pray for the Soul of Betty. If you're ever around the Lower East Side you've probably seen their stickers all over the place. Has anyone ever gone to see them perform?


Maybe I'm totally the last person to realize this, but Britney is a full on stoner. She was wearing that weed jacket the other day and i was like "Oh, cute. Britney is discovering weed." But under closer inspection I realized that she was a TOTAL stoner. Lindsay and i did some research and discussed the evidence:
* oily hair
* bad skin
* weight gain
* laziness (she cancelled her tour)
* fast food addiction

Um... i'm sure there are other pieces of evidence, but i'm getting sleepy.

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