Thursday, March 31, 2005

Oooooh! Wow!

I'm leaving on a plane for London in a couple of hours and I figured that while I'm gone I would take down the comments portion of my blog. I will be too busy to check and reply to all the lovely comments since I'm on an extended vacation from work.

I'm off t skip hand in hand with my british friends down long english streets and exclaim over and over again "the exchange rate sucks!"

Long weekends are fun. Fun! Long weekends in London are even more fun! What's even more awesome is that my typical long weekend is spent in NYC, which is possibly more awesome than London, and cheaper.

My life is awesome. You should focus on things that are awesome in YOUR life more often. Like, sit down for a moment today, put on a song you really like, and think about how great that song is. Maybe give someone you like a phone call and tell them "hey, you know what? you're awesome."

Spend more time loving things than hating things and your day might get better.

One thing my mom taught me when I was little was that there is no bigger sin than jealousy. None. She never ever taught me the emotion of jealousy. If I ever wanted something she taught me that maybe one day, if i worked hard enough, or did the right things in life, I could get it, but until then, be happy with the things you have. That was probably the greatest lesson a person could teach another.

Well, either I'm off to London, or I'm off to off myself.

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