Thursday, September 8, 2005


Last night's Idlewild show at Irving Plaza was amazing. I arrived a bit late, and found my buddy Mikey and his girlfriend immediately when I walked in. Mikey was on cloud nine since he's been waiting nearly a month for this show. After dropping off my bags backstage I found Karen, Niki, and Lizzy and we all started dancing non stop. Jumping up and down and screaming every line along with "WE LOVE YOU!!!" The band looked grateful or embarrassed. I'm not sure which.

Afterwards I ran over to Hiro to shoot a segment for MTVu. As I was setting up Jay from Project Runway started approaching followed by Karen. He asked what the cameras were for, we told him, and he quickly became buddies. He's really nice.

Karen and I DJed our standard Tarts fare and drank Lechee martini's by the bus load (they were free... can you blame us?) Our NOY Boy Toys, Ryan and Brandon, came to show their support and offer some body guard service. If those boys had a body guard service it'd be called Charming and Delightful.

After the party Brandon and Ryan came over to crash on the couch and various other places to crash at my pad. We woke up this morning under a layer of feathers. My down comforter exploded somehow and we were all embedded with feathers. When I got out of the shower i found Ryan dutifully sewing up the hole in the comforter so we wouldn't look like we raped pigeons.

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