Friday, September 23, 2005


The other night my friends and I went to Kate's Joint to celebrate the release of my book and to surprise Brian with a belated birthday cake that the multi-talented Leigh made (vegan style!). I was so stoked cause Josh brought a copy of Paper Magazine and while I was browsing the party listings I totally accidently spotted a mention of the Stolen Transmission party: "The truth is that if it werent for this party, we'd declare the whole Ludlow-Orchard Street annex a no-fly zone from thursday through Saturday. It's that good" WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! I nearly spat my beer across the table at Brandon and Geordan and threw the issue at Karen, whom herself hadn't known that the blurb would be written. We couldn't believe it! Thank you Paper Magazine!!!

Topics of the night varied from our parties ("why dont you throw a party to celebrate it" is the new "why don't you blog about it" which was the new "why don't you write a song about it"), the new site that's better than myspace, and Brian bet Elhaam that one of his scummy friend could pick her up using a technique that's they're learning in some weird pick up artist seminar.

Wednesday I went to the shiva.

Thursday morning I went back to the Shiva, came home, worked on singles with my interns, watched the Rape episode of Degrassi: the Next Generation, and went to DJ the Hurricane Benefit with Karen. I love her.

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