Friday, September 30, 2005


The SPIN 20th Anniversary Bash on Wednesday went really well. Those sort of things could go so terribly wrong all the time. From a performer not showing up to a guest getting into a brawl, so many factors can put an event that's supposed to be really fun into geopardy. Thankfully, that wasn't the case here.

I spent the day attepting, but failing, to power nap. I can't remember what I did for most of the day (including the actual party itself), but I'm pretty sure it included a lot of working from home. It seems like I've been goofing off a lot less and focusing on work a lot more, or at least trying to. Oh wait, now i remember... that day I went out to lunch at Teany with my roommate Gurj and then headed back home where I spent the afternoon TOASTING ROSE PETALS. I finally figured out that if I put those rose petals in the toaster and bake them for a minute and then let them cool off for another 5 mintues, I'm left with nearly perfect rose petals that don't rot and dry quite nicely. These days, at APT 3A, if you have to use the toaster, you've gotta go into my room. It's kinda silly. My rose toasting ceremony was accented by a delightful visit by Brandon and his girlfriend Lauren bearing Hogaarden beers ("I brought Hogaardens for ... my ho garden."), which I couldn't touch since I was working. Sad. But I guess it's good to know that when left to my own devices I can restrict my indulgences.

Gurj and I met up with the NOY Boy Toys outside of Webster Hall. Brandon, Joe, Joe's girlfriend Jenne, and myself walked the red carpet and got interviewed. I haven't been able to watch the video, sadly, but Brandon said that he and I were the walking equivlent to "Curbed Your Enthusiasm," which means that it's probably cringeworthy to watch, but a trainwreck designed for pure enjoyment. We're more Larry and Jeff than Larry and Cheryl.

There was an open bar downstairs in the greenroom which I indulged in before, after, and during my DJ set. Karen told me that Vodka sodas are calorie and carbohydrate free, so I didn't feel guilty pumping that shit through my veins. By the time NOY took the stage I was sauced up and danced up front with Jenne and friends. After that set Brandon and I attempted to check out the party. I got a little overwhelmed, lost Brandon in the shuffle, and found him back in the greenroom where I got another drink -- which now makes sense... 7 drinks in the night... ok, now i know why i couldn't really last past 12am. I missed the Living Things cause gravity was having it's way with me. I came home and watched Curbed, Degrassi, and sadly missed Death Cab for Cutie and Public Enemy. If there was a power to fight, it was my sobriety.

Yesterday I had the interns come over. I've got two new interns to add to the already fabulous Jordana: Nick and Sasha. I've known Nick from the internet for a couplel years and Sasha is a friend of his. We spent most of the time watching "Degrassi: The Next Generation," listening to demos from bands I fucking love, new oohlas songs, and making those Nightmare of You singles that are the bane of my existance. We managed to make about 30 of them in one day! Holy shit... only 2 dozen more to send out and those things will finally be out of my life. I love NOY. I love those singles. But i'd love my life back!

When 8pm rolled up the interns opted for staying in to watch the OC rather than going to class, going to their own homes, and going wherever else they had to go. I left them to check out a band called Warren Suicide at Rothko. They were a great, possibly german? techno rock trio. Male/Female vocals. I spent the entire time trying out new dance moves and thinking about how cool it must be to be from wherever they're from. Then I went home. I meant to go to Elhaam's birthday party, but my bed needed me.

This morning I had to get up super early to audition for an MTV-U gig. I'm not sure how that went. Probably not too hot since it was early (for me) and outdoors and today is the first freezing fucking cold day of the year. My luck!

Tonight I'm going back to NJ for dinner w/my family then heading over to the Orchard Bar for STOLEN TRANSMISSION! The party has been going so well, and some friends of mine who are playing in Long Island tonight might make a quick visit, which would be nice.

Anyone going to the Across the Narrows show tomorrow? Which one? the Pixies or the Killers? I'm going to be hitting up the Killers one... between them, Interpol, British Sea Power, and Tegan & Sara, it's like my ideal evening. Oh joy!

I love you deeply,

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