Friday, September 16, 2005


The Arcade Fire with David Bowie - "Wake Up"
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I really shouldn't put off blogging for a week. Remembering where i left off is always a task. I think i left off just before the MTVu people came by to film me for a show they're doing about songs that soundtrack your life. I got to have my NOY Boy Toys in there with me, which was fun cause otherwise they'd actually have to leave my house... and perish the thought!

Later, last friday, I met up with BrandonR at the fashion week tents. My delightful friend Faran told me that Alexz Johnson from 'Instant Star' was going to be at a certain fashion show so of course, BrandonR and I HAD to go... just to see her in person. We're such fucking nerds. Sadly, she didn't show up. But BrandonR looked cute and dressed like a Libertine.

Afterwards we went to see the cursed performance of Men, Women, and Children at Tonic. The power kept on escaping them during the set, but that didn't seem to bother the crowd too much -- when the power went out on the instruments and mic for the end of their last song "Dance in My Blood," the entire audience sang the remainder of the song at the top of their lungs. For a situation that could've caused the band to give up, everyone was in fantastic spirits and making the best of it. Plus, MW&C are like a traveling party, so that's pretty easy.

They were so fun that I went to Long Island with BR for their show at the Downtown. I got to meet a bunch of Long Island superstars. Long Island is very much like NJ. The highways look the same. The suburbs look the same. The kids look the same. I guess it's understandable that the scenes are so closely knit.

Sunday I had dinner with Jordana the Intern and her family, whom I love. We went to her Dad's restuarant uptown and he managed to get me drunk with one single martini. I came home to find BR and Ryan watching the Family Guy on my couch, and I jumped into bed and covered my head with my newly fixed blanket. I don't remember if i went out that night or not. Oh wait... I went to 'Stache at 6's and 8's. That was fun.

Monday I took my brother Lawrence to see the sold out a-Ha show at Irving Plaza. They sounded better than I expected and looked just as good. Their set was two hours long (contrary to popular belief, they remained a popular band overseas, releasing several albums with great songs and ground breaking videos), which included "Take On Me" and "The Sun Always Shines on TV." The best part of the evening was when the entire audience sang the ending of "Hunting High and Low"... it was just really sweet and endearing. I was, however, surprised to see the singer use a teleprompter for the lyrics... but if Michael Stipe can pull it off, then so can this dude. No sightings of Chris Griffin from Family Guy.

Tuesday was a super busy day. I went to the Syndicate party at the Downtime to see NOY and Idlewild perform. 'Wild's set was completely packed with songs from their earlier, punkier days, to fit in with the emo heavy crowd. They opened with the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated," quickly winning the hearts of everyone in the room, and despite the intolerable heat in the venue, everyone that was there and sweating from every pore in their body, danced and sang along. This show was like seeing the band when they came out with 100 Broken Windows. I'm going to have to comfort Karen... she started missing the boys the moment the turned around. i don't blame her -- they treat her like a member of the band, practically.

Wednesday I went to the NOY album release show/party in Long Island. I think i'm LI'ed out. No more. Not for a bit... or maybe that's a lie. The boys in Long Island are fucking young, adorable, italian, and did i mention, young?

I'm sorry... I'm getting bored of writing this... so if it seems like i'm giving up... it's cause I pretty much am.

Last night, thursday, i went with Jen C, Scott, Lawrence, and L's friend Kristen, to see the Arcade Fire. Midway through the set I started choking on a piece of gum while talking to Scott. Despite leaning over and grabbing my neck in a "I am choking" method, I don't think Scott realized that I was, infact, choking. Eventually I hacked my gum out, and started to breathe again. You know what was running through my mind as all this was happening? Not "I love my family and friend." Not "I've never known true love." Not "This cant happen to me..." No. What was running through my head was "Wow, how awesome! I always wanted to die while listening to great music! This is perfectly timed!"

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