Wednesday, September 7, 2005


I'm really tired today. I want to snooze. I always want to snooze. Chances are, you will hate this post. You will call me names. You will write mean things about me in my comments section. Chances are, I will care less.

Yesterday, Jordana the Intern came over to help out with the Nightmare of You singles. I'm really happy because she told me that she loves NOY and has been telling all her friends about them. Jordana has pretty impeccable taste in music (and a slight love for the Strokes), so her approval of the band means that my buddies are gonna have a good year.

The NOY Boy Toys came over to visit after Jordana left. It had been less than 3 days since we saw each other and already we missed each other. We hugged and updated each other about the past couple of days. Niki came over to hang out and meet the boys for the first time. She used to be my roommate but moved to London for a bit. She decided that NYC was her true home and moved back and she and Brian got a place together. It's great to have her back.

Niki and I then went to the stellastarr* album release party. It's been a while since i've been to one of those things, so i wasn't sure what to expect, but when I entered the room and found my brother Lawrence standing with my other old roommate Lizzy and featuring a giant red lipstick mark on his cheek, I should've known that good times were ahead. I immediately ordered Lizzy to give me a matching lipstick mark so Lawrence and I could look like brother and sister (... oh wait...).

A lot of old friends were there like Laura, Audrey, Peter, Nora, and smells good Gina (the OG ss* fans!). Even Jenny LSQ and Robby Sheff were in attendance! I was stoked. It's been so long since I've seen those friends and I missed them all. I was delighted to see Thursday (the band) representing and got to catch up with them. I also made sure to cockblock Antony. Ryan Heil came to hang out and we stayed for a drink before heading over to Black & White to meet up with the posse that had migrated there.

We all sat around and some of us girls discussed the single greatest purchase some of us ever made. My friend Lizzy introduced me to my new girl crush named Catherine. Apart from being totally gorgeous, Catherine is very funny. I was 8 sheets to the wind when I was introduced to Catherine and immediately started saying "oh catherin, you are my little gentleman, i want to take you to foggy london town," to which she responded "oh baxter, you are my little gentleman!" The same humor! Amazing.

Everyone went up stairs to the Wiz Kid offices and I stayed behind with Ryan so we could finish our drinks (which i tried to smuggle out, unsuccessfully). We gulped them up, headed up stairs and I saw Jenny from Rilo Kiley standing at the door waiting for her friend. We talked for a while and she looked absolutely amazing. Totally gorgeous. She is in town opening for coldplay and said the tour has been amazing. Then her friend showed up. It was a bearded Conor Oberst. I didn't recognize him and felt like a dolt being like "what's your name?" We then all went upstairs where Catherine was showing Lizzy, Niki, and Rob her Carmen Electra stripper exercize dance moves. "you just missed chris and gwen" said one of my friends. Bummer. But alas, Drew, Fab, Albert, and johnny coldplay were lounging around and most definitely wondering what the fuck i was doing there (i, being a stranger). I hung out with my girls for a bit, Ryan ashed in albert's hands, and I decided that Ryan and i were officially drunk and officially needed to go home, so we hopped in a taxi with Niki and went home to bed.

that's all great and stuff, but today the greatest thing happened...
i was walking on 50th street at 7th Ave and encountered a giant moth that was about 4 inches across and the body was about 2 inches long. i brought it to saftey. it was so fucking awesome.

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