Monday, August 7, 2006


I've got some great news for all the Young Love and Radio4 fans out there that live in NYC: TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! RADIO 4, YOUNG LOVE and R.U.O.K @ Crash Mansion - Aug, 8 - 7:00pm Presented by KROCK2's Domestic Disturbance and Miller Lite. buy yout tickets at ticketweb for only $9.23!!! Listen to KROCK2 for more details and to hear these bands. SEE YOU THERE!!!!!

From the sounds of it, everyone that “enters to win” WILL win.

Also, I've been meaning to post this forever... My friend Audrey who does the blog Melody Nelson, sang a delightful tune that just brings the biggest smile to my face whenever it comes up on my ipod. I just wanted to post the mp3 for you all to hear. The song is called "Elisa" by Serge Gainsbourg, and she sings it with local band, Die Romantik.

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