Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm watching Fuse right now and a photo just popped up on the screen while some really awful emo band was playing whose name i forgot immediately after finding them on myspace. i pictured the discussion for this photo going as follows:

photographer: i'm thinking... five dudes... in front of a wall.
label/management: oh! and add shrubs! cause, you know, they'll be dressed in all black.
photographer: GENIUS! That'll make it look organic and since they're wearing make up, it'll make them look LESS like aiden.
label/management: totally. i think we should use just solid black makeup instead of red... what do you think?
photographer: oh totally... i'm totally best friends with a makeup artist that can do that.
label/management: ok. lets do it. i can't wait to see this in a fuse ad.

tell me the singer doesnt look like the singer of Monty Are I if he got gang raped by aiden? i'm guessing he's the singer. he's in the middle.

my apologies in advance if this photo was taken by justin bourecki, cause i think you're cool.

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