Wednesday, August 9, 2006


On Saturday, Brandon and I brought Monkey to the vet to get checked out and to make sure she was a puppy, cause we still weren't sure. When we got there, the vet's office were squealing at her cuteness and ordered us to leave saying that she was too cute. When the vet met her, she instantly went into baby voice and asked Monkey if she was a puppy or an alien. She didn't know either.

After her check up and shots, we ventured around the East Village looking for vitamin shops where I could get some organic meds and attempt to feel better. Since Monkey is a baby, Brandon had to carry her around like a celebutant... and people's jaws were dropping as we walked by. Naturally, Brandon turned into a total babe magnet instantly. We picked up Andrographis (which apparently is a miracle drug for ailing immune systems) and then headed over to Liquiteria so I could get some Aloe Water... Over there they sell bottles for just $1.35 instead of the insanely high marked up price at health food stores. Incase you ever get a chance to try Aloe Water, do it. It tastes exactly like snow, it's so delicious, and apparently is really good for you.

Anyway, after all that, we came home and I went to Brian's to him move. I am not built for lifting heavy things, but i did what i could to help out. After helping move shit for an hour or two, I went back home and cooked some dinner for some friends that were coming over to meet Monkey.

Jordan came over. I'm not sure if he intended on making the same face as Monk in this photo, but he did:

All that was just too much for the little hairy fetus, that she passed out on the couch between me and Nick Snow. OMG, LOOK AT HER FUCKING BELLY! I want to cut it open and make sashimi out of it!!!

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