Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Lastnight I went home for what was intended to be a chill night at home followed by a bar hop or two. Instead, my apartment turned into a rager that had the slight potential to turn into one of my Girls Gone Wild DVDs.

First off, all I wanted to do was dye my hair purple before we went out or before anyone showed up, but about 10 minutes after I walked into the door, the buzzer rang and it was Alex Shenitsky and Joe from FOB. We hung out for a bit and were soon joined by Joe McCaffrey and his girlfriend Jenne as well as Alex's wife and Gurj's arrival home. Sasha the intern then made a reappearance and then so did Brian Lane from Brand New AND BenBigCheeseFries. We were all pounding back tequila shots, playing with monkey. Anytime was ordered... more shots were had.

Brian keepsadiary and Meredith showed up, fresh off the plane from costa rica or some shit like that... they brought a rum cake that was chomped down. More shots were had and were followed by Brooke from White Trash Charms and a friend of hers.

Some more people showed up and at one point, i think two guys were trying to facilitate a lesbian hook up of girlfriends or some shit... i think i might've almost walked in on something and i may have been fondled by one of the girls or both. yes, both. The Cartel guys were gonna come and bailed out... they missed out.

For whatever reason, i decided that at 130 am, it'd be a great idea to dye my hair blond (so i could get to purple easy), and found myself walking around the apt with gunky hair dye in my hair. i washed it out way too soon and now i've got an awesome shade of honey colored hair... i may still dye i tonight.

We watched Entourage. I am still in love with Ari Gold, even if he conformed. I asked Brandon if Jeremy Piven could be one of my celebrity cards, he said ok.

Tomorrow i've got a photoshoot at the Chelsea Hotel ... Vanity Fair is doing a story on me for their music issue and i get to get all dolled up. I can't fucking wait.

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