Monday, August 28, 2006


OK, so I'm working on getting back on path. The path of booze and destruction. I knew I was in a terrible spot when my mom called me up concerned: she heard from my Brother Lawrence that I haven't been out partying a lot lately... actually, not at all. She said that according to him, I dont really leave the house. When your mother calls you up concerned about your lack of partying (the same mother that used to call you every night concerned about how much you party), you know it's time to spend a little extra time cleaning up the toilet cause it's time to make a date with a cheap brown drink named tequila.

So Thursday night, Brandon and I invited the boys from Tokyo Police Club to our apartment to do a little acoustic set for our friends that will soon be up on the Casa De Ultragrrrl series. It was pretty magical and we were mere minutes away from me convincing everyone that we should do a campfire style sing along when we realized it was time to head over to Stolen Transmission. We headed over and watched some band from Long Island play... and then TPC took to the stage. I haven't had so much fun dancing and losing my shit since I saw Franz Ferdinand for the first time at Pianos in like 2003. They were just fun. They were like the Spinto Band with more of an Arcade Fire feel and canadian energy. After their set, Preston Craig DJed a totally Atlanta flavored set that had me booty shakin. I was standing on the balcony for his set and I turned around and saw all the TPC dudes losing their shit. Apparently, the only single member of the band got enough balls to dance. When his friends saw him and were hooting and hollaring, he ran back upstairs and they piled up on each other. Brandon and I then DJed and I played a brand new killers remix. That was fun.

Friday night I went to the South Street Sea Port to check out Tokyo Police Club again with Alex Shenitsky and his wife Tracey. We missed everything but the last two songs and bailed before Ted Leo took the stage because we were all famished and wanted gnocci and to play with Monkey instead. I was exhausted and took an hour nap before I had to wake up again to DJ at around midnightish. Everytime I wake up from an evening nap, the apartment is spotless. I have the best boyfriend in the world, i think... and I need more evening naps!

Anyway, I went to Ruff Club at the Annex and met up with Brooke Dulien from White Trash Charms and Gideon Yago. I greeted Gideon with a solid grab of his balls, which startled him, but honestly not enough. You'd think for someone who has gone to Iraq and traveled around Africa w/Clinton for the past 6 months, that he'd be more on guard and ready to strike anyone who grabbed his crotch... but he was frightenly calm about it and returned my "handshake" with a solid peck on the lips. I'm fairly certain he gave Brandon the same hello.

We sat around and Jared Leto walked by us and went downstairs to the lower level where I was gonna be DJing (the way ruff club works is that each dj does five songs and then they rotate... so you do about 20 songs through out the night... kinda cool). Hoping to catch Jordan Catalano leaning against something, I rushed downstairs and promptly went to the DJ booth so i could get started. Steve iPod immediately hollared "Take a shot of jager from the baby bottle!" and then gave me another bottle of jager to take a shot from, and then gave me about two more shots. By the time I took to the wheels of plastic, I was hammered. I stumbled to Brandon who made sure I started drinking water.

We decided to head over to 151 cause we were all too drunk to be in the crowd where jager was being force fed. I had water and meandered back with my posse to the Annex to continue DJing. I dont remember the rest of this night, but i heard that someone puked on Gideon at somepoint.

Saturday afternoon, Brandon and I met up with my childhood friend Sydney Rose up on the upper east side. Me, her, her boyfriend, Brandon and another childhood friend Catrinel, where headed back to Tenafly to go to a sort of gathering at Allison Mann's house. This was the first time I had gone back to Tenafly in almost a year since my parents had moved. We passed by the property which used to have my house (but now holds a massive bright yellow home with blue trim), and stopped by Sydney's old casa. Joey from the Sugar Hill Gang bought the house from Syd's parents and she became friends of the Gang. We were given a tour of the house, which had just overgone renovations... and it was like, Pimp My House. They really did an amazing job with the already gorgeous place. They turned the two car garage into a movie theater and the one car garage in to a hot tub room. They're gonna turn the gym into a recording studio and will be having some pretty ill parties coming up soon. I just got stoked on the idea that NSync were once there. I <3 JT!

We got to Allison's house and I had one of the best saturday afternoons in ages. I got to see her parents, some old friends, hang out with new boyfriends, introduce my new boyfriend, etc. It was pretty trippy when Alli's dad came up to me and said "i'm doing these patches for a band called my chemical romance. they have huge sales. ever hear of them?"

After that fun time in the Fly we went back home and me, Brandon, Catrinel and Brooke went to see the Sugar Report at Tonic. Then I went to sleep.

This week is VMAs week.
I'm nervous.

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