Monday, August 14, 2006


On Saturday, Brandon and I brought Monkey to Long Island to meet the two dogs that live with Brandon's parents.

She got really excited about a sock that was knotted up, so she played with that and the pups for a few hours

And then took a nap on my lap

and then on the couch

and then dreampt about sucking her mom's teet (which freaks me out cause she actually makes sucking motions with her mouth):

and then she just hammed it up

She also spent the weekend playing with Ellen and Leigh's dogs, Piper and Edie... i'll post photos of that later.

Tonight I'm going to check out Scissors for Lefty and Dirty Pretty Things... really looking forward to checking out Carl's new project live. After that, it's St. Jerome's to check out Jenny Penny DJ.

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