Sunday, July 30, 2006


If you're in Los Angeles, LISTEN TO ME: Go to the Echo on Monday night. Go see the Oohlas and Bright Light Fever. I will be there. In Los Angeles. Give me a hug. Please.
Bright Light Fever at 9pm.
The Oohlas at 9:45pm

Then on Tuesday, go to Safari Sams. BLF are gonna be playing and I'm gonna be DJing. Will it be fun? Heck yah it will be.

This dude named Justin Beck that's friends with Brandon (and i think he was in glassjaw), has a website called Base001. I was clicking around it and found this amazing article about dead musicians. It was so funny that I want to slit my boyfriend's throat just so he can make the list. If Brandon's parents are reading this, i'm joking.

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