Thursday, July 27, 2006


Despite being from New Jersey, I'm very unfamilliar with some my state's greatest alumni's. I was never a big Bruce fan. I was never a big Jovi fan. And when I first heard Lifetime in 1999 I remember saying "this sounds like Saves the Day."

Yeah. Not gonna front, I wasn't really into that scene. I was too busy listening the illuminaries like Kid Silver instead of Kid Dynamite. I loved the Mac more than the Boss. I worshipped Radiohead, and the Jov was a fucking joke.

But lately I've been opening my tastebuds. I've been getting into/listening to a lot of music I used to hate, or at least trying to learn the history behind it. I guess I'm going to be on the learning level of a lot of Pete Wentz-worshipping 15 year olds now that he's signed Lifetime to his Decaydance label (when's his offer going to be extended to Movielife?).

Well, it appears like there's a little bit of news for the Lifetime camp...
Their old touring bassist, Linda Kay, has found herself in a little bit of trouble thanks to a crudely severed human hand found in a jar of formeldahyde in her home. It appears that the now exotic dancer is a fan of the maccabe, and a medical student fan of her exotic dancing wanted to show his gratitute by extending a hand. *rimshot* ... *rimshot*. I'm not sure if that's what Wentz meant by decay, or dancing.

Anyway, dont forget that tonight is another jam packed Stolen Transmission:

for those who dont know who Under the Influence of Giants are, check out their website and hear music. They're in the island offices today and are very prettiful boys. they like to dress funny.

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