Friday, July 7, 2006


All the kids from the emo scene are turning in their weepy wails for dance beats ... and I can't say that I'm ALL that bummed out.

Midtown's Gabe Seporta went to Misshapes and Stolen Transmission enough times to get it right... and I guess that's probably where he met Maja from the Sounds... and that dude from the Academy Is... and everyone else on Decaydance.

check out the video. it's pretty fun.

So to recap:

Recover ---> Young Love
Midtown ---> Cobra Starship
Glassjaw --> Head Automatica
Glassjaw --> Men, Women And Children

I guess the music world isn't the only thing being inspired by the New York City clubscene -- and specifically Misshapes -- the Fashion scene is getting inspired as well. This week while Leigh, Geo and Seandak were in Milan, they got invited to the Dior show. While they were there they found out that the line was going to be called "the New Club Kids." You can only imagine how amused they were when all the male models walked out looking exactly like Geo.

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