Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I forgot to mention that the other day when I went to Lotus Cafe there was a row of people all facing the cafe with their backs to the windows, laptops in front of them, and it looked like a parody of a politically correct north western coffee shop in a comedy like PCU. There were about seven people in a row, all a different ethnicity, all a different sex, and all on their laptops sitting the same exact way. Nerds.

I schlepped to Hoboken last night for the first time in ages to see Murder By Death. I "saw" them two years ago at the Syndicate's yearly pre-CMJ party... i say "saw" in quotes because I was too short to actually see anything then, and I was too short to see anything now. That is, until I perched myself on an empty piece of riser and finally got to see the band. You know, the singer was a lot more italian/jewy looking than i expected. He kind of looked like a Coppola (sp?) to me, and Brian thought that he looked like Rob (click the link... trust me).

Anyway, the band played amazingly to a packed crowd at Maxwells, sounding so true to their recordings that I was unsure if they'd be able to replicate live. But I guess that touring for ages on end will do that to a band. I've been getting really into the sea-shanti music lately... Murder By Death, Man Man... and the bands that i've loved for a while: Pogues and Sons+Daughters. It's interesting that those bands sort of form a pirate genre... it'd be wise for Disney to collect all those bands to make a killer soundtrack for Pirates of the Carribean 3.

OMG, I almost forgot to mention: I got Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic" and basically spent the rest of my night in a fit of crying giggles. She is easily the hottest and funniest comedian out there right now -- that i know about. She really goes there with everything. It was easily the most delightfully un-PC 72 minutes of my life. If she were black and got better acting roles, she could be Eddie Murphy.

OK, i forget what's going on tonight in the fun world of NYC. Beuller?

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