Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm watching the Pumpinks on an old episode of SNL... this reminds me that i need to dig out all my old Pumpkins cds. When i was 18, it seemed like all the boys in my life loved the Pumpkins. I used to visit them in lines that they sat in for days straight trying to get concert tickets. These memories still amuse me.

Kill Hannah is up for Oven Fresh. Please vote for them. I used to fly to chicago to go see them play... such a fun band.

Anyway, I spent the afternoon in the hospital cause I fell down a step last night at the Cursive show. I fell flat on my ass infront of one of my best friends (and exroommate), Sarah Wilson, whom i hadn't seen in ages since she moved to Omaha with her boyfriend Tim from Cursive. Sarah was instantly worried, but thanks to a fair amount of booze in my system, a moment of "ow ow ow!!! that actually hurt!" was quickly followed by "ok, i think i'm better now," as i hopped to my feet and proceeded downstairs to join friends for drinks. Tim's really nice! I like him as her boyfriend!

I guess many of you have heard the new Killers song sample for their new song "When You Were Young." There's a lot of debate about it... I think i would've chosen a different 40 seconds for this, or at least judgement shouldn't really be made until one hears the entire song. I've been lucky enough to hear the better part of the album (one of the stories i meant to write about from last week involved me in an SUV with the execs of def jam as we listened to the new album ... la reid on one side rocking out and singing every word... kinda surreal), and it's totally, absolutely different from the first, but still the Killers. I guess the song off Hot Fuss that's closest to the feel of the album is "Jenny". The songs on this album are epic. You're not gonna find "Mr. Brightside" or "Somebody Told Me." If you want those, just buy Hot Fuss (again).

Anyway, last week Karen came by the office to check out my new office and she heard some new songs. I had to pick her jaw up from the ground. As one of the killers' first out-side-of-Vegas fans, she couldn't believe what the boys had evolved into. She was beside herself with goosebumps. Just give it a second, guys, you're gonna hear the album and get it. Sorry for this comparison, but Hot Fuss is like their Bends and this new album is like their OK Computer. You know it's the same band, but the different is compelling and wonderful.

Back to more important things, you'd be damned to not check out this performance by the Oohlas from "Live from the Casa de Ultragrrrl":

Please let me know what you think of the oohlas acoustic video. Maybe i'll post the actual song later on this week...

FRIEND THEM on myspace!

And then this one by my buddies Apartment... Josh Madden makes a nice cameo, as does my GORGEOUS friend the Real KTB! The song is about Chris from Boy Kill Boy!:

OMG, i just remembered (while watching "Dr. 90210" about hermaphadites) that i had a dream that I was making-out with Paris Hilton and she pressed herself up against me and i felt something hard against me... and realized she was a hermaphadite. I couldn't understand how she was able to hide that. Weird!!!

Karen and I were supposed to go to the movies together tonight, but found ourselves tied to our own TVs... so we aimed each other instead while watching the tube. Here's our conversation:

Ultragrrrl: please tellme you're watching rockstar
Ultragrrrl: CBS. RIGHT NOW
Ultragrrrl: some girl is doing Hole
KarenPlusOne: im watching the all star game
Ultragrrrl: cbs
Ultragrrrl: for like 2 seconds
KarenPlusOne: who is this ho
KarenPlusOne: LIES
KarenPlusOne: shes retardo
9:10 PM
Ultragrrrl: so fucking retarded
Ultragrrrl: also, navarro said that the cover of the hole album had c.love in a white dress and roses... that wasn't her!
KarenPlusOne: hahaha
KarenPlusOne: but i was on the same page as him there
Ultragrrrl: yea
Ultragrrrl: totally
KarenPlusOne: id still like to bang tommy lee though
Ultragrrrl: totally
9:15 PM
Ultragrrrl: OMG.
KarenPlusOne: my bf just hit a home run!!
Ultragrrrl: are you watching?!
Ultragrrrl: good!!!
KarenPlusOne: no ill watch now hold
KarenPlusOne: OMG
KarenPlusOne: this is AWFUL
KarenPlusOne: are those pot leaves?
Ultragrrrl: i bet this dude loves new aerosmith
Ultragrrrl: i was thinking that.
Ultragrrrl: he's like "i love this rock stuff, but i really want to show you my skills fronting a jam band."
Ultragrrrl: i bet his favorite band is creed
KarenPlusOne: i think im in love with him
KarenPlusOne: too bad i really cant watch this without cringing
Ultragrrrl: tommy lee?
KarenPlusOne: no the dude who just sang
Ultragrrrl: tommy lee seems like a super awesome fun dude
9:20 PM
Ultragrrrl: omg
Ultragrrrl: you watching?!
KarenPlusOne: dude im gonna BANG tommy lee
Ultragrrrl: "ring of fire"
KarenPlusOne: OMG
Ultragrrrl: this is kinda awesome in a horrible way
KarenPlusOne: shes wiccan!
KarenPlusOne: no its AWFUL
Ultragrrrl: she's like, waiting anxiously for fleetwood mac themed night
KarenPlusOne: hahahahhahaahahaha
KarenPlusOne: fleetwood mac theme night is my FAVE
Ultragrrrl: I love how goth she is.
KarenPlusOne: WHAT
KarenPlusOne: were they watching the same performance?
Ultragrrrl: that was actuallly pretty good.
KarenPlusOne: dude
KarenPlusOne: it was terrible
Ultragrrrl: the girl singing "ring of fire"?
Ultragrrrl: hahaha
Ultragrrrl: i thought it was less cheesy than franz.... he kinda lowered the bar.
KarenPlusOne: its just cuz the song choice was cooler
KarenPlusOne: but shes still a complete freak who touches little boys in the hot topic dressing room
KarenPlusOne: and steals strands of their hair for ceremonies
Ultragrrrl: is there something gothier than hot topic?
Ultragrrrl: mall-goth
Ultragrrrl: hot topic used to be soooo mall-goth
Ultragrrrl: now it's mall-emo
KarenPlusOne: ha
KarenPlusOne: true
KarenPlusOne: um
KarenPlusOne: daang goodman catalogue?
9:25 PM
Ultragrrrl: lizzy goodman catalogue?
KarenPlusOne: tripp nyc
Ultragrrrl: ah, tripped! yes
Ultragrrrl: i bet she got her wardrobe at Trash&Vaudville
Ultragrrrl: oooh, funk&soul.... and creed... i can't wait.
Ultragrrrl: i hope i die before this is done
KarenPlusOne: im so torn! excrutiating rock karaoke or my boyfriend????
Ultragrrrl: omg.
Ultragrrrl: this is like a car accident
KarenPlusOne: CREEEEED
Ultragrrrl: he's dressed like 1996
Ultragrrrl: hahhaaha
Ultragrrrl: DAVE NAVARRO needs to be able to spot a star
Ultragrrrl: he's having a hard time.
KarenPlusOne: hahahahahha
KarenPlusOne: he also needs to be able to find a shirt that closes
KarenPlusOne: ooooh i love tonic!
KarenPlusOne: YIKES
Ultragrrrl: ooooh... delightful late-90s rock
KarenPlusOne: not anymore
KarenPlusOne: dude candlebox is playing irving in august!
Ultragrrrl: i HATE them
KarenPlusOne: i
KarenPlusOne: hate YOU
9:30 PM
Ultragrrrl: candlebox is the 12th worse band on the planet
KarenPlusOne: kill yourself
Ultragrrrl: i'll get back to you on the other 11...
KarenPlusOne: can this guy be one of them?
Ultragrrrl: i bet this dude loves jeff buckley
KarenPlusOne: i bet he loves candlebox
KarenPlusOne: are all the contestants goths?
Ultragrrrl: storm is a friend of greg oohlas, i think
KarenPlusOne: oh i like portland, weird town
Ultragrrrl: weirrd.
Ultragrrrl: her makeup is nice
Ultragrrrl: hair is horrible
Ultragrrrl: i think she's in Kill Hannah
KarenPlusOne: is she wanking her peen?
KarenPlusOne: she is most def the guitarist in kill hannah
KarenPlusOne: somebody should remind her that the torn tshirt assymetrical thing went out 2 years ago
Ultragrrrl: RIP
Ultragrrrl: WTF
Ultragrrrl: she's sometimes pretty, sometimes weird looking
KarenPlusOne: i think when her balls drop is when the weird look youre noticing kicks in
Ultragrrrl: sometimes i wish they were talking about the stone roses.
9:35 PM
KarenPlusOne: the stones rule though
Ultragrrrl: absolutely
Ultragrrrl: but it'd be a trip if someone did "i wanna be adored"
KarenPlusOne: yeah that would be good
KarenPlusOne: i also kinda wish someone would do "colorblind" by counting crows thanks
KarenPlusOne: or little things by bush
Ultragrrrl: oooh, bush would be great!
Ultragrrrl: i'm lukewarm on this nirvana cover.
KarenPlusOne: oh she plays guitar now does she
Ultragrrrl: i normally love covers, but i dont think i ever ever ever like "heart shaped box" covers
9:40 PM
KarenPlusOne: have you heard many?
Ultragrrrl: i feel like any time i see a cover band, they play it.
KarenPlusOne: its a great tune
Ultragrrrl: i think kurt just did it too good.
Ultragrrrl: OMG
Ultragrrrl: oooh, i like this coldplay song!
KarenPlusOne: dude i love this song
Ultragrrrl: haha
KarenPlusOne: i listened to this song at least once a day when i lived in london
Ultragrrrl: he kinda has a gaz combs simian look to him.
KarenPlusOne: he hearts gerard
Ultragrrrl: monchichi
Ultragrrrl: he absolutely does.
Ultragrrrl: "the ghoooooost of you" is sooo in our future
KarenPlusOne: oooh someone needs to cover LIVE
Ultragrrrl: hahaha
Ultragrrrl: i DONT hate this cover
KarenPlusOne: i kinda like this guy!
Ultragrrrl: he's funny looking..... could be beneficial
Ultragrrrl: OOOOOH TOMMY!!!
Ultragrrrl: i heart him
KarenPlusOne: yeah im seriously gonna have to ride tommy please
KarenPlusOne: wasnt there a chick named that on something
Ultragrrrl: yeah!
KarenPlusOne: americanidol?
Ultragrrrl: american idol season one
KarenPlusOne: amazing
Ultragrrrl: the girl with the hot tummy
KarenPlusOne: right
9:45 PM
Ultragrrrl: that stones cover was blah
KarenPlusOne: yeah im back on baseball
KarenPlusOne: lemme know if theres someone good
Ultragrrrl: I LOVE YOU TOMMY
KLEAR630: yeah, how can we get tommy to play with us?
Ultragrrrl: tommy just imitated jagger
KarenPlusOne: OMG
KarenPlusOne: YUM
KarenPlusOne: omg dude
KarenPlusOne: snakes on a plane comes out august 18th
KarenPlusOne: we should get cobra starship to play on the 17th
KarenPlusOne: we are such enablers for discemo
Ultragrrrl: hahaha
Ultragrrrl: i'd like to think of ourseles as discemo's muse
KarenPlusOne: hahahah total
Ultragrrrl: and i think you just created a genre
KarenPlusOne: AGAIN
9:50 PM
Ultragrrrl: emorbid
Ultragrrrl: and discemo
KarenPlusOne: the possibilities are endless!
Ultragrrrl: take that nme!
KarenPlusOne: hahahahahaha
KarenPlusOne: my boyfriends at bat!
KarenPlusOne: go to fox
KarenPlusOne: look how cute he is!
Ultragrrrl: uh... i think i missed him
Ultragrrrl: she's awful.
KarenPlusOne: this song should NEVER EVER be covered
Ultragrrrl: she's so cliche rock girl singer
Ultragrrrl: GORGEOUS though
KarenPlusOne: shes busted
Ultragrrrl: ok... not so hot.
KarenPlusOne: she eats corn
Ultragrrrl: O
Ultragrrrl: M
Ultragrrrl: G
KarenPlusOne: OY VA VOYI
Ultragrrrl: KILLERS!!!!
Ultragrrrl: CRING
KarenPlusOne: SARAH
Ultragrrrl: ok.
KarenPlusOne: this is SO making me creinge
Ultragrrrl: i'm being nice
KarenPlusOne: cringe
Ultragrrrl: oh god
Ultragrrrl: oh god
KarenPlusOne: our boys have become muzak
KarenPlusOne: WHAT
Ultragrrrl: some dude did mr brightside last year
KarenPlusOne: what WAS that???
Ultragrrrl: it was pretty good
9:55 PM
Ultragrrrl: note the bad piercing
Ultragrrrl: i bet this dude beat up brandon in high school
Ultragrrrl: OMG
Ultragrrrl: HIM TALKING!!!
Ultragrrrl: lolz
KarenPlusOne: this show is HILARIOUS
KarenPlusOne: but i need me some live covers
KarenPlusOne: i like lukas
Ultragrrrl: lukas?
KarenPlusOne: lukas the gerard hearter
Ultragrrrl: hahaha
Ultragrrrl: me too
Ultragrrrl: hii....you look familiar
i dont know where i've see yew before
well...do yew know josh madden??
hmm...just that
take care **kissses and hugss**
Ultragrrrl: not positive
KarenPlusOne: oh whack i hate people
KarenPlusOne: more specificallly YEW
KarenPlusOne: (i dont really mean that i just had to use YEW in a sentence)
Ultragrrrl: what's yew?
KarenPlusOne: read what you just sent me
Ultragrrrl: HAHAHA
10:05 PM
Ultragrrrl: josh has indemo in his profile
KarenPlusOne: indemo
Ultragrrrl: weird.
KarenPlusOne: ???
Ultragrrrl: indie-emo?
KarenPlusOne: oh i like that
KarenPlusOne: good one josh!
Ultragrrrl: "Dan Keyes as Young Love still reigns supreme, as far as I'm concerned, with the electronic-indemo-party music."
Ultragrrrl: i like this girl's hair!!
KarenPlusOne: DONT
KarenPlusOne: YOu
KarenPlusOne: DARE
Ultragrrrl: hahahah
Ultragrrrl: ok. mom
Ultragrrrl: i also like hers
Ultragrrrl: and her makeup
10:15 PM
Ultragrrrl: i know it's really out there... but it's kinda awesome
Ultragrrrl: like, no matter what, her hair is always styled
KarenPlusOne: yeah
Ultragrrrl: she looks a bit like sioux
KarenPlusOne: HA
10:20 PM
Ultragrrrl: this girl is so pretty
Ultragrrrl: she looks like hilary duff
KarenPlusOne: sarah you are the worst
KarenPlusOne: you are such a sucker for haircuts
KarenPlusOne: even on girls
Ultragrrrl: she looks like a punk hilary duff!!!
KarenPlusOne: bad combo!
KarenPlusOne: im back in my room now
KarenPlusOne: watching baseball

THE END. In conclusion, i love karen, even though her love of the Mets is kinda gay.

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