Friday, July 28, 2006


Oh god, there are so many great shows tonight, it's retarded:

There's Annuals playing at Pianos, at what appears to be 8pm. There's Cold War Kids at Mercury Lounge at 10ish... and if you want, you can catch them both, together, tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge (unless it's sold out). Not only that, but Annuals are gonna be playing an acoustic set in my apt at midnight tonight. Fucking bananas!

Last night was one of the most pointless nights of my life. I wish i could erase it from history. Everything that could've gone wrong did, with the one exception of seeing my friend's band, Resevior, at the knitting factory. FUCK YESTERDAY.

Bright Light Fever got a write up on You guys have to check it out because there are exclusive soundclips of the new album! They're also gonna play a date or two with the Bronx pretty soon at the Roxy. AND the show with the oohlas on monday, july 31 (which i will be at!) at the Echo in Hollywood! AND the show at Safari Sam's on aug 1 in hollywood! i'll be djing that one! SHIT IS GONNA BE TIGHT... as nick snow would say.

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