Monday, October 22, 2007


Last night I had a dream that Brian Molko and I were hanging out and we kept on looking at each other via a mirror because I guess looking at each other straight on would've been a bit too overwhelming (since we look alike).

He was quite nice in my dream and when we saw each other I said to him "hey brian, i'm the girl that everyone always says looks like you."

Lawrence -- dont say that i always say that guys in bands i like look like me because this is legit. i've been hearing this one for like 8 years, and i've even heard it from people from his label and he totally looks like an Amiga/Lewitinn.


Anonymous said...

you do look like him but have you compared him with asia argento when they both had the pixie haircut? holy shit, they're twins!

Gurj said...

do you remember the time we were in the back of a cab and i kept singing that line from 36 degrees but didn't know all the words so i just kept singing "someone tried to do me aaaache.. golden fingerrrrss"


Anonymous said...

oh geez, that's weird. Now that I think of it, you do look like him. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

So basically what you're saying is you look like a gay man. Hot.