Monday, October 1, 2007


So I've been hesitating from saying anything about this because I didnt want to add fuel to the fire... and while all of me believes in the 1st amendment right to say whatever you want -- positive or negative -- about whatever you want, I didn't want to give gawker, or whomever, fodder for their relentless criticism that's always misdirected.

But anyway... here it is: There are these parents in this country who are trying to get Schoolyard Heroes banned. WTF!? is that even possible anymore? There's like 5 pages of signatures! I just can't believe it. Tipper Gore is too busy for this BS, right?

The only time my parents ever got upset with something i was listening to was "Closer" by nine inch nails... and that was because it came on the radio in the middle of a fight my mom and i were having over the fact that i cut off all my hair and dyed it black -- save for a tragic skunk strip in the front -- when i was 15. When the song came on the radio my mom couldnt believe what i was listening to. That happened exactly at the moment Trent said "I wanna ugh you like an animalllllll."

Anyway, these people think that my little bubs in Schoolyard Heroes are trying to spread Satan's message. Are you kidding?!

But then, there was a clip of their next video that i saw for "Dude, where's my skin?" and i'm kinda worried that that label will just continue to stick with them. it was this incredibly disturbing sequence involving Ryann the singer and every time i watch it, it's like the equivelent of touching a wound even thought you know it'll hurt you. It was like smelling something that you know stinks. You can't stop doing it even though you know you should. And then i keep on wanting other people to experience this with me, so i call them into my office, and as if i'm sharing my snuff porn collection with them, i show them the minute long clip and then they look at me with this look of disturbance and disgust and want to watch it again. The band's publicist, Adesina, who is black, actually turned white. I couldnt believe it. She screamed and said she had to stop watching it and ran out of my office. I felt almost guilty.

So i'm stuck with a dilemma. Do i pull the plug on this video? I mean, there are people who work with the band who cant watch it without getting ill and threatening to puke. I, myself, have seen this clip about 20 times and still turn pale and have to put my head down for a moment everytime I see it. My friends whom i say "this will disturb you are you sure you want to see this?" chastise me for not warning them ahead of time. I watched this video so many times that I had to promise myself not to watch it again until the finished video was delivered at the end of this week because the last time i watched it i got the idea to pull the scissors from my desk and bring it to my skin to see blood, turning numb to the pain. That shit is fucked up, right?

All weekend long, I kept on hearing their lyrics run through my mind ("You're so dead to me /I want to see you suffering for me" and "Take off your skin and dance with me / cut out your tongue and sing for me") and i'm thinking that I've been duped and maybe these parents are right and maybe I'm going to be somewhat directly responsible for someone having the same ideas as me. But then I call the band to get an update on how their tour is going and they're on their way to the modern art museum in chicago and they're the sweetest hearts of sweet. God, I love them.

PS. Their album is now available in CANADA -- along with ALL stolen transmission releases!!!!


MEIK! said...

wow. Yeah um if Hillary takes office it's gonna PMRC all over again. I'll start a citrus farm if the Walmart moms have destroy the video game industry

Anonymous said...

publicity stunt?
cause seriously, even signature number 9 on that list is just BS...

Anonymous said...

just put out two videos, the parent version and the artist version. let people decide. I'm six months pregnant and if I my little boy decides he wants to listen to his Momma's Nirvana CD's when he is old enough to fully appreciate them that's fine. I don't think I'll mind him listening to Rape Me because a good parent should be able to discuss anything, including music lyrics with their child. There is no reason why you, Sarah, should have to parent these children and say "no I'm not going to put this video out because you shouldn't see it" Don't do it. If you do all your saying is that parents aren't smart enough to parent their own children.

All these parents that are trying to stop your band should have the balls to discuss what the band is trying to say in their lyrics and videos instead of just pissing and moaning. These are the kind of parents who raise shitty kids and then blame other people for the way their children turned out. If someone's child is stupid enough to copy some lyrics or a video it's most likely the parents fault, Not Sarah or the band. There are lots of kids in the world who listen to Eminem and don't go killing their pill poppin mom or slutty baby momma.

You do not have to parent my child, that is my job. (at least come the beginning of January it will be)

Thank you for letting me rant about stupid people,


Anonymous said...

This band isn't controversial or dangerous. Just really really bad with what appear to be hilariously "dark" lyrics written by some angst ridden middle class teenager.

so so bad.


Anonymous said...

This is all very amusing and it only happens in America. Who still talks about satan and banning bands and videos but people in America. Pathetic indeed.

By the way I never thought that this band is controversial or dark in any sense. They're just yet another band.


Ultragrrrl said...

yeah, i feel kinda blind sided by th bullshit issues over lyrics.

ginny said...

I've read your blog but never commented before. But this is crazy! Parents need to parent their own children. And kids are running away from home because of lyrics? This crap makes me so mad.

Brianna Zani said...

Maybe I'm just messed up, but hearing your intense description of the video just makes me really want to see it. I think if their shit is really that powerful and moving, it deserves to be put out there. Too many people are making music and videos that don't make you feel anything at all.
I also think people have to be held responsible for their own actions and you can't blame music for making certain decisions. Like you got the urge to do something impulsive and destructive, but ultimately it was your choice not to do it. Most people are smart enough not to get carried away.

Anonymous said...

I totally want to see this video now. I agree with zani that too many bands are making so-so videos and it'll be great to make something that has an impact. Maybe put a warning about content, and then put it out there.
Art should not be contained.

to Montreal, with love said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously? This isn't a values question, it's an issue with understanding the English language. These people don't have a problem with Satan, they have a problem understand when someone is being literal and when someone is being figurative. Do these people start a petition every time someone says a baby is "so cute I could eat her up?" No, because using those words to describe cuteness doesn't mean a person is a practicing cannibal. That's being figurative. When SYH say "take off your skin and dance with me," are they actually saying they want their lover to flay themself? No. Figurative. Just because imagery is dark doesn't mean it's fact.

sasha said...

Wow, these people must be coming out of the woodwork. I'm an English teacher at a catholic high school in Michigan and a music nut/part-time journalist. I've recently had the insane experience of parents berating the school for allowing their children read what they feel is pornography. Er, how many of you think Brave New World is porn? Is Invisible Man (by Ellison) porn? Is Native Son porn? What about Catcher in the Rye? To me, the issue you're runnning into with SH is the same. These people can't see that this material isn't necessarily going to hurt their kids. Instead of banning it (which will just make them want to listen to it even more or read it even more) they should use it as a chance to start a conversation with their kids.

Sarah, I'm with you. My parents never flipped out over the music I listened to (even though I know they hated it) or the things I read. They used it as a chance to start a dialogue.

If nothing else, know that at least you aren't alone in dealing with these crazy, albeit concerned for their kids, parents. Unfortunately, I'm not sure we can win against them all the time...

Sad state of affairs, no?