Monday, October 29, 2007


Thanks to the blog postings/myspace postings/ postings, stolen transmission got a shit ton of interns this semester. On fridays we have at least 6 of them, so we've been sticking them in various rooms together to work so they can talk and have a good time while working.

One friday, they decided to start their own crew: InternPartySystem, named after the ST band InnerPartySystem of course. Their goal, i think, is to grow their network of people that want to help out Stolen Transmission for love and prizes... and gain internpartysystem members all over the globe. They already have nearly 1000 in their friends on myspace. It's pretty awesome that the girls were industrious enough to do this on their own.

They made these two videos as sort of introductions. I sat here lolzing my head off, and you might as well.

Meet InternPartySystem:

And if your Josh or Joel, you might like this... Lifestyles of the InternPartySystem:


Anonymous said...

good charlotte has teenage girl fans??

no. fucking. way.zzzz

heykerri said...

not a good charlotte fan, just sayin.
actually who am i kidding.

Anonymous said...

Wow they're all annoying.

Anonymous said...

boy am i glad i didnt apply for that internship.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Gotta love anonymous posts.
Looks like a fun group of girls!

Anonymous said...

nice. cute girls. singing better than britney.

Randell said...

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