Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ollie and Mark just took me with them on their entertaining commute from their home in Hollywood to their studio where they're recording demos for their next album (which is going to come out on island. whoa!)

This is really fucking funny and if you dont love Ollie after watching this, then I question your sense of humor.

Also, on Friday I was listening to some of Best, Stop, Pop, and realized that Ollie is like the Morrissey of Hollywood. Just like Moz, she paints the most vivid pictures of slumming it in LA (verses his slumming it in Manchester). Both artists sing about the heartache and the memories of love in the same whimsical and confused manner. Being as big of a Smiths fan as I am, I'm surprised I never noticed this. I mentioned this to my friend Dave, who lives in LA, and was surprised that he agreed and didnt tell me I was nuts.


Anonymous said...

You have mentioned Morrissey and Smiths quite often since I started reading oh-so-many-years-ago and it just occurred to me to ask if you have heard the San Antonio band Girl in a Coma yet? The lead singer is sooooo fun to watch and she is only 19!

Anyway, I actually met Karen in Denver the other day at the White Rabbits show and was reminded how much I used to enjoy reading your blog so I thought I would come by and say "hi" again.

mark at

ollie tamale said...

tanks for posting the video. i hoped you would tinks it was funnee!!

B said...

I also love the Oohlas! kthxbai

Anonymous said...

shes adorable. i think i love her.h