Monday, October 8, 2007


I created some new Stolen Transmission T-Shirts that I'll have for sale temporarily on CafePress. I think I'll have this design up for about two weeks, so nerds, buy them while you can.

Here is the design:

Here are some select designs you can pick up:


Anonymous said...

I've seen this logo...


Fuck the World .. is that what urs means?

Anonymous said...

It means For The Win.


:) heh heh

Anonymous said...

It's a cute idea, but very "Free Winona." Will kids want to wear these in a few years when slang has inevitably changed?

Anonymous said...

damn, anonymous, you're right. i wonder if they'll let me return the mousepad, canvas tote, and coffee mug i just bought.

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd gone for a coffee mug and not a tattoo.

Anonymous said...

yeah that FTW belonged to this guy that I beleive is down with Jesse James' "West Coast Choppers" This other dude created this company company and he made rings, belt buckles tee's..etc etc.

then he killed someone and is in jail right now.