Thursday, October 4, 2007


So tomorrow night, it's gonna be pretty crazy at Angels & Kings. I'm djing there from 8:30 - 4am. Nightmare of You's Brandon Reilly will be helping me out.

But here's the important info:


fuck yeah. Everyone that comes will get one or two drink tickets. holla!

I went to AK on tuesday for the Cartel afterparty... which turned out to be a fuck load of fun thanks to Trainwreck Tuesdays.

As i walked up to the bar, i was greeted by Josh Madden (aka the vicar for old school readers). We were talking for a while when we were moved to the corner of the block by the security guard cause naturally, Chris Black was laughing too loud and causing a disturbance.

While we were standing there, Nick Stern, Clap Your Hands' manager came walking around the corner. "Hey Nick! Long time no see! how are you?"
"Is Angels and Kings here?"
"Yeah. You coming in?"
That's when nick went into how he was given the wrong directions from Tom from Blink... and couldnt wait to greet them at the corner to laugh at his group for going the wrong way.

I didnt get what he meant by "Tom from Blink"... but then Tom DeLong walked up and i was like "oooohhhhhh blink182." he was with his new band Angels and Airwaves and coincidently my old buddy Simon White who manages Bloc Party and discovered this band called Black Kids. I obviously took this opportunity to yell out "I love Black Kids!"

One of the dudes in A&A, David, was talking to Josh cos i guess they knew each other through Josh's brother's band. I gave josh a huge hug (it's been awhile since i've seen my old friend) and walked off, but instantly turned around and decided to spend more time talking to josh. I walked into a conversation josh was having with David where he was trying to help him jog his memory of why i might look familiar. Finally David goes "oooooh! didnt you guys used to make out?"


About that moment, Brian Battjer and Matt Rubano walked up from behind after seeing Darjeeling Limited... and of course matt knew david. so it was me, josh, matt, and brian and david who is a giant looked like a dad talking to school kids. Gabe Seporta took Polaroids of us like some creepy photo blogger. I'm expecting to see that shit on buzznet or something.

Brian pulled out of his backpack a fun cupcake, which i nommed on. It was delicious and an hour later I was delighted. Once I finally decided to walk into AK, i went over to say hi to Jeff Lett from Cartel to thank him for letting me sleep in his bed while he was on tour and i was in Atlanta and apologized for possibly making his pillows smell like hair... jeff is bald. it seemed funny to me. I have a bad sense of humor.

A bunch of kids were requesting the worst music from jeff. sometimes i dont get why people request the songs they request... but whatever. Erica Are I got drinks and danced in our seats. Tom DeLong danced, which was cute to see cos i've always thought he was adorable even though i've never been the biggest blink182 fan.

By the end of the night... 3:30 (what the fuck was i doing there so late?), Ryland Cobra and I got a great view of Jeff Lett and a girl making out on some couch. I took a picture of them and they didnt notice even though i was a foot away. So we just sat there cheering them on like fucking immature turds. At times I thought that Jeff could see us and was putting on a show, but last night he didnt even remember any of that happening. I think he appreciated the photo i sent his manager.

Anyway... that was a TUESDAY night without free booze. think about what a friday night will be WITH free booze? crazy shit.


Gurj said...

I think you mean Tom from A&A right?


Hey Tom Delonge nice haircut want some funnel cake and what are your thoughts on boob sweat?

This will be funny for two people - me and Karen.

Anonymous said...

thats funny bc at the lasst cartel afterparty (back in like feb) jeff was making out with erica
she was waaaasted

MEIK! said...

that was probably the funniest thing how people just kept showing up. I think I was kinda paralyzed when Tom's jacket grazed mine. I felt like a little boy again. you were the one that rubbed my head right? Like the semi-creeper photo blogger I am I just admired the events outside. I think it's kinda hard to telly anyone it really happened.

Boob Sweat Gurj? Jenn's always joking about that!

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