Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Killers are in town shooting their video for "Tranquilize" with Lou Reed. When I read my blog and go back three years ago -- as i do quite often these days -- this fact makes me laugh. On top of this, as many of you probably know, the Killers are also on the soundtrack for Control... which is also funny because I remember talking to their old manager a few years ago, asking him if Brandon Flowers was cute (cus i had yet to meet him in person), and his response was "people say he looks like ian curtis" and i fell in love.

Ian Curtis was in love with Lou Reed and David Bowie (another fan of the killers). He died 13 months before Brandon was born, and sometimes I like to think that he was reincarnated into a Mormon in the states. I also think i might be losing my mind.

Anyway, we have some amazing bands playing our CMJ showcase. Please come and check them out

The Photo Atlas (for lovers of bloc party and fugazi! oh shit!)
InnerPartySystem! (for lovers of depeche mode and the faint and ministry during their industrial phase)
Plus Move (if you like daftpunk or justice, you'll LOVE them)

I'll also be DJing (DJ Ultragrrrl... NYC's #1 biggest hack CDJ! Hollur!) and the WOLD FAMOUS Merlin Bronques from LASTNIGHTSPARTY!

Oh, and free Bass Ale from 10-11pm.
So yeah...
Stolen Transmission's CMJ Showcase
At the Annex on Orchard Street
with the Photo Atlas, InnerPartySystem, the Plus Move and Hull.


Anonymous said...

wait....what is Lou Reed doing with the killers?

Anonymous said...

IPS was awesome last night... tpa is always good.

MertMengelmier said...

I'm a little flabbergasted that you asked the manager of the killers if Brandon was cute. I mean, aren't you a music aficionado....popular critic....whatever. Pretty funny.

Ultragrrrl said...

yeah, but i was also trying to find out how telegenic he was for inquiring media folk. to me, thom yorke is really hot, so i'm not really one for conventional looks.

MEIK! said...

Wednesday night's photos The innerpartysystem lighting was insane said...

brandon looks like ian? no way. he never does. so people who said this, should keep their hands from drugs.

i really love the killers. really good songs. great style.

ian died one year after my birth happend. so shit..i also can´t be the reincarnation of mr curtis. thats bad. but probably i´ve listen to often to "transmission" when iw was a baby in 1979. ;)

sam riley looks like ian in "control", cause the stylists did a really good job. and i can´t wait even "control" hits the cinema.

ah...the photo atlas are ace. really like them. if they come oversea, i should book them for a show in austria.

Anonymous said...

i took drugs and thought i was being enlightened. i thought i was a genius. i thoughts i was finding truths that no person had ever 'seen'. i was just hallucinating, and it was all a trick. a (selfish) trick.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the post but I've been wanting to ask you for ages:

Do you like Mew?

Anonymous said...

just thought that KILLERS - U2 comparisons will be coming up concerning their new collaboration with lou reed. cause U2 also did a song called with him.

but "tranquilize" is a blast. greetings from bowies glam of the 70ties:) (and i love this stuff from him)
really good tune from a band wich is getting better and better.

and they even get more haters.



Anonymous said...

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