Wednesday, September 10, 2003

dizzy nights.

Last night was a very dizzy night for me. First i made it down to the Kill Hannah show. They were amazing as per usual. I saw Julia and Megan there, they were excited about it being a tuesday night and were looking forward to seeing me drunk and dancing on tables (which i did)... Then I went home to regroup, get changed, and eat a bit with Nate the Roommate. The fucking OC pulled me in like a line of vicodin that just wont quit. However, halfway through Lawrence called me saying that i had to come down to the stellastarr* show at that moment because they were getting on stage and i had his ticket. So i rode my bike over in my dress and the motherfucking bike ripped my motherfucking dress and then i forgot my motherfucking bike lock. I was pissed. Not to mention i had to interview Ben Lee about a half hour later, so i said fuck it and went home. interviewed Ben, and headed over to SPRINGSTREET.

Yes!Selector is really fun -- I go almost every week to support DJ Jesus -- and i was really happy to be there with Greg and Lizzy and her teacher/boss Kate... but my head started to go dizzy from over stimulation and people. I love everyone. i do. but sometimes i get dizzy and annoyed when i cant get from one end of the room to the other. I did get to see a bunch of my favorite people... which is typically everyone that has a pulse. I danced on the tables with Megan. I got totally and utterly molested by Mat Devine and Greg Corner. Like felt up from every angle as if they all had arms like octopi. They claim they were tickling me... which is what you would say if you're some perverted uncle, right? Which is fine, cause those boys are like my brothers, however, my brother would never do that. Got good quotes from Carlos, some guy named Chris from Jet (all for my spin box/column thing), and got great photos. I attempted to speak to the guy from the Kings of Leon outside as i was trying to hail a taxi, but i was drawn into the black hole of his hair and couldnt hear a word he said.

I feel like last night didnt happen to me. It was such a blur and a whirlwind and a confusion of senses that it was like something out of a really trippy movie out of england about the rave drug culture or something. only, minus the dancing.

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