Tuesday, September 30, 2003

i could barely stand up straight...

OK, first thing's first: The birthday party on saturday isnt just for Elliot, but also for Jo Divestar and Sophie.

Speaking of Elliot, last night i went to that Fader party at the planetarium. I was shocked because the party was actually really great. It wasn't crowded, there was lots of free booze and cheese. I decided to keep it real and showed up munching on a veggie max from subway. I was told to put it away (which i did by shoving it in my mouth), but managed to keep my container of coke which i eventually filled with more coke and whiskey. It was watered down and diluted, so i didnt get drunk. I had a sip of this weird blue moon juice crap that tasted awful. I went into the light show thing expecting it to be super fucking cheesy but it was actually really great. I became incredibly nauseous after the 40 minutes of computer animation which included dancing, raving, glowstick-holding, heart shaped robots. The music was actually well chosen and the animation that goes with it was well done. I was super stoked to find out that an old friend from middle/high school was one of the people who worked on the animation. Hot shit!

Tim Sweeney and Gideon DJed. Tim was a fucking great DJ. Wow. It was like Bobbie Gillespie was spinning. Gideon's DJ skills have greatly improved from when we used to throw a party together. For one thing, he plays more recognizable tracks rather than the super obscure funk shit he used to be into, and apart from the fact that it takes me forever to get his attention (over the 30 seconds it took anyone else), he did a great job.

Anyway, back to the party. After the fucking light show roller coaster ride which literally made me feel like i was gonna hurl, I was happy to see solid ground. I danced a bit when GidRock played Joy Division. But that meant dancing alone, which is typical, but has grown tiresome.

At 11:30 we were all kicked out and so I rode my stupid bike 85 blocks home. Maybe more. I think more. It took me 40 minutes. When I rode my bike to the planetarium i thought it'd be a good idea to go via central park. Never again. The sun went down as i was riding and i couldnt find my way out. I took this unlit side road and totally thought i was either gonna get raped or crash right into a tree (i was riding very fast so i wouldnt get jumped and raped). Never fucking again. Never, never, never again. I hate it. I dont think i'll ride my bike again after last night. It's time for like, a car.

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