Thursday, September 25, 2003

how soon is now?

My head is really hurting. This afternoon I went to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked since i just bought a new pair of glasses. The whole thing -- glasses purchase, eye exam, lens fitting (i got the super thin type of lens since my eyes are so incredibly shitty and i'd have massively thick lenses otherwise) -- cost me nearly $500. I am hoping that a lot of that expense will be covered by my insurance, but hopes are sort of doubtful.

Anyway, last night I DJed Marc's book release party. I'm really proud of him for writing a novel, and even knocked $75 off my original asking price to DJ the event (hey, i was going to have to stand around for 3 hours playing songs while everyone was off having a good time, not to mention, i paid for my own drinks!). Anyway, the sound system at niagra is fucking shit. I looked like an asshole as the sound went from being too bassy to being too treble-y. Since I haven't had anything to drink since last thursday (as pointed out by some people who corrected me when i claimed having gone a week without booze... thanks Jason and Hal for being on top of those things we like to call "alcohol problems"), I spent the three+ hours nursing only two beers. Think about that... 2 months ago, three hours would've meant about six beers. I'm really making progress, if you ask me. But you haven't.

Anyway, Marc's party was fun, i think. I don't know. Everyone went into this super VIP private room that was away from where I was spinning, so I can't even be sure that the whole thing was as fabulous as I can hope. My friend Trish took photos of the night and put them into a little video with "Love Will Tear Us Apart" playing... she took about 40 pictures of my bizoobies.

I was kicked off the turntables an hour early and not because i sucked at what i was doing, but because there was a scheduling conflict and some band took to some small stage at 10pm. That's so lame, and I felt really bad for Marc who had to then have the fucking jukebox play DJ.

I made it an early night because I'm getting old. Jenny gave me a ride back to my house, but only after i fell into a puddle and totally wet my underwear, dress, and shoes. I'm so fucking graceful sometimes, it's just rediculous.

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