Monday, September 8, 2003

Greg the boyfriend is a genius

Greg (of Greg and Raphael - the boyfriends) is a genius. Here is an IM we had:

Greg: I have a theory that no one listens to the new Radiohead. Can you prove me wrong?
Ultragrrrl: no.
Greg: Everyone gave it good reviews, but I think it was all a false sense of appreciation. Like ex's you can't shake. Like dead pets that you'll always love. And when I ask people, they get all defensive, then I ask "when was the last time" and people always give this "just the other day" lie.

Marc Sptiz is also a genius. He's on funny mode today. Apparently Adam Ant is remaking "Stand and Deliver" to be "Save the Gorilla." Here's an IM about the whole thing:
Ultragrrrl: WHAT THE FUCK is a dandy highway man?
Marc: someone who dresses like a pirate and robs you on the motorway
Marc: and then fucks you in the rump
Marc: and now, saves gorillas, apparently

Neither one of these men are sober people. Both of these men look strangely alike. Both of them i love dearly.

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