Sunday, September 21, 2003


I haven't posted in a while, and I haven no idea whatsoever why I haven't.
Wednesday: Went to see the Bronx and the Distillers at Bowery. Then cabbed it up to meet Sarah Wilson at the Thursday show, which was beyond amazing and wonderful and yes, I love emo, screamo, extremo, whatever you want to call it. Sarah Wilson loved it so much that when we arrived at the Radio4 show across town she said "I have to go. I just experienced something so real in that Thursday show, and this crowd is all so fake." I couldn't really disagree with her all that much, i mean, save for my friends that were there.

I'd like to say that RedBull is the most amazing thing I've ever drank in my life. Me and Stephen each drank two cans on our way out for the night and I was totally awake, motivated, and feeling wonderful the whole night. I'm glad I found RedBull before the thought of white lines keeping me awake became something I wasn't scared shitless of. I love you RedBull. TLF!

Thursday: I went to see the Darkness after dinner with Lizzy, Jenny, and Rob. Apart from the show being totally fucking awesome, i got to see Vicki. I haven't seen her in so long that the reunion with her was more exciting than anything happening on the stage 4 feet from us. I also got to hang out with Gideon for a bit which was nice because I haven't seen him in ages and he and I used to be inseperable. I hardly recognized him when I saw him. After the show everyone headed down to Lit to party the night away. At 3:30am Stephen and I were ready to call it quits when while hailing a cab he said "Want to go to the Popbitch party?" which we did. After the party, we -- along with Meg and Julia -- headed up to some random hotel room that was apparently having a party. When we arrived there was a guy at a desk, four people on a bed -- two couples -- and a gigantic platter of cocaine in between them. It was like a scene out of Pulp Fiction, only more depressing. I sat on the floor talking to the people I came with and nearly started a fight with some woman who had her boobs hanging out of her dress because she made some snide comment to one of my friends. The saddest thing was that everyone (apart from the people i arrived with) in the room was totally so off their tits that they could hardly keep their eyes open. Of the original five in the room, the one that was actually quite cool was the one whose room it belonged to. Unfortunately, he'll have to remain nameless.

After a half hour my mind suddenly freaked out. I was having a mini panic attack watching these drunk and incredibly high couples kiss and touch each other. I told Stephen that i was getting sick and needed to leave immediately, which we did. I want to erase the image of that night out of my head forever, but unfortunatley, I think it's there permanantly. It's like how in 2nd grade your teacher says that if you get detention 5 times it ends up on your permanant record -- which is a sort of training for when you fear you're going to get bad credit -- that night is on my permanant memory record.

Friday: A very sad day for NYC. It's new son, Stephen, bid his farewells and stepped onto a plane headed back to London. It's safe to say that he made quite the impression on everyone in this city during his three week stay and will be missed. No longer is he a man with a nickname in the stories i tell, but now, simply Stephen Jones. However, he's more than welcome to pick up any of the nicknames he's aquired during the two years I've known him... most of which are too incriminating to actually write about.

Saturday: The boyfriends called at 1am demanding I return to them. So I met up with them at Pianos and then we headed over to the Hole. I haven't seen the boys in what feels like ages, so it was really nice to be able to just stand around hugging them and catching up on things that we sort of don't need to catch up on (work). I got to meet Raphael's friend Charly, who was really cute and reminded me of Molly Ringwald. On our way to the Hole, Greg and I found baby shoes and stuck them in my bike's basket. I took them out when I left the Hole since they were still there. There's really no reason for me to talk about that, but it was just amusing to me that there was a pair of baby shoes lying around on the street. In anycase, I returned home at 3:30am after the bartender at the Hole ... i think his name was Jason ... gave me shit for drinking only water.

Whoa, you know what? I think i drank a maximum of half a drink during these past four days. Even today at brunch with Lance I stayed away from the special sauce. OK, so RedBull has replaced Alcohol in my list of addictions, but at least it wont make me bloated and fat.

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