Friday, September 26, 2003

Happy New Year!

Right. So today is the first day of Rosh Hashanah and so that means that tonight and tomorrow I'm in total Jew-mode -- which actually isn't any different than most days for me to be honest. I'm going to be eating a lot more oily food than usual, and since I don't drink as much anymore, I will be less crabby towards my family. Usually I'm able to handle about 3-5 hours of retardation from everyone, but once my body says "time for booze," I turn from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde and become really unpleasant towards my family saying "ugh..." a lot. But you know, to my credibilty, I can't say that it's not deserved.

Last night I went to my very first book reading, and thankfully it was of two people's whose work I really admire -- Marc Spitz and Chuck Klosterman. This was Marc's first book reading and he did a really amazing job. He was so nervous that it was really charming. I know that in about a month he will have the whole thing down pat and wont even break a sweat the next time he has to read an excerpt out of his book.

Chuck was so totally fucking awesome. Rather then read a bit of his book, he gave us all Cliff Notes on what to say when someone asks us if we've read his book. Things like "You can say that this chapter isn't very good. And with this chapter you can say that you thought it was ok, but my hatred of Coldplay is a bit too severe. And in this Zack Morris chapter, just say that you've never seen "Saved By the Bell" and you'll be ok." But everyone's seen "Saved by the Bell", so read Chuck's book Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs.

After the book reading I headed home to meet up with Nate and Morgan for dinner and ran into Vicki. She was having dinner at Cafe Louise down the block from our apartments and she said that she spotted Bjork heading into Schillers looking very AsFour. Why, Bjork? Why? Why are you so pretentious? Can't you just not be? Your music is soo good. While I was standing on the corner with Vicki moaning over AsFour, Nate and Morgan passed me with their friend Sam and said that they didnt feel like getting dinner anymore, so I met up with Brian and we tried out our pretentious coats and had a small dinner. Brian knows every human in NYC and knew someone who hosts at Schillers, so we didnt have to wait for a table. I felt cool for a moment.

I ended up skipping out on the Nada Surf show that I had a ticket for. I was so tired by the end of dinner that I thought that my bed would make for a better show than the Nada Surf show. I mean, i fucking love their album but I've been to way too many shows lately, and i finally conceeded that I've seen the best show that I could possibly see, so every show following said show would be nothing but a let down. It sort of reminded me of this time i saw "South Park" and Cartman saw people's whose faces were made of asses and he declared the sight the funniest thing he'll ever see and couldn't laugh at anything anymore. This is sort of how I feel like after seeing that British Sea Power show at North Six this past summer which I attended with Greg the boyfriend. I'm not sure something can move me the same way that show did... and so ever since, every show has been sort of a let down. Seriously.

By the way, last October i was in london and fell on my ass while leaving a tube and my friend Tom compared seeing that to the "South Park" episode mentioned above. He said it was the funniest thing he's ever seen and might not be able to laugh again. But then I fell once more and managed to prove him wrong. I can fall on command. It's my only talent.

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