Wednesday, September 17, 2003


When you're sitting at your desk and growling, it's probably not a good sign. I'm so tired. I dont want to go out at night but I find myself trying really hard to keep my eyes open and my mouth smiling. Despite the endless streams of beer from Mr. Jones (it was a drinking night people), I found myself being very sleepy, and according to sources, in a slightly sour and abusive mood (sorry). The night started off at Sin-e for the Viscious Party where i was reunited with a few friends that I hadn't seen in a while... not to mention the regular crowd of hungry hungry hipsters who loitered out front looking and being fabulous.

I headed to see the Adam Green show and I predict that he'll be the next Beck. I remember seeing Beck when I was 14 and I got the same sense from this show as I did on October 17, 1994. Not to mention, his song about Jessica Simpson -- "Jessica" -- is absolutely fucking amazing.

From there I went to SPINGSTREET for the YES!SELECTOR party where I guess !!! and TV On Radio were DJing, but I'm not really sure. They weren't very good and prompted Eve and I to do that cheesy head bopping dance. I drank a lot tho. A lot. I lost count. I never got drunk but I was very sleepy in the cab, however, incredibly hyper once I got home and in bed. I need to keep a boxing glove by my bed so that next time i'm being hyper i can punch myself in head with it. A Pavlovian reaction will eventually happen and I'll just sleep when i see my bed. Apart from when I'm hyper while trying to sleep, why the fuck am i so sleepy all the time. Maybe I have mono? Maybe i'm bored. Maybe the drugs don't like me.

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