Monday, September 8, 2003

How I spent my Weekend, by Ultragrrrl

Even though I wasn't home on Friday night because of Shabbat, there was still mayhem in good old Apartment 3A thanks to the newest member, Nate. Oh, Nate. You're great. Tim was staying over and was going to crash on my couch or the inflatable bed, but when he came home at 5:30am he found one of Nate's friends asleep on the airmattress. So he went into my room to crash on the couch and found a boy -- Lizzy's brother -- already occupying that space. So he went into the main bathroom to collect his thoughts and found Nate passed out on the bathroom floor. So then he started walking over to my bathroom and Nate's friend pushed right passed him and stayed in the bathroom for about an hour -- presumably she passed out -- and so Tim was forced to sleep in my bed... which had no sheets because they were going to the wash. So he had to put the papazon cushion on top of the bed and passed out there. Lovely.

Saturday, when i finally returned home after a baby shower, I found myself host to a party in my room. The door was endlessly revolving with people, and so at some point it was me, Tim, Robert from the Music, his brother, Nate, his friend, my brother, Lizzy and Niki. We sat around eating McDonalds, Zen Palate, and drinking beers and then headed over to see My Morning Jacket. Despite drinking tea earlier that night, i just wasn't feeling it. The sound of the music was just amazing, but watching the band just gave me nightmares. So I rounded the troops up again and added Sarah Wilson and Kate Golden for good measure. When we got back to the house where i could play the Adam Green "Jessica" song over and over again, we all started to hear Robert singing from Lizzy's room. He was playing this new song he had written that was just so utterly amazing. I nearly collapsed. My heart was beating so quickly... his voice is just so powerful and stunning and the song -- a ballad -- just knocked me over. The looks on everyone's face in the room was just of total shock. It's gonna be surreal to hear that song finally recorded... and I regret not videoing it myself.

So after that stunning performance we all had some more beers (Lawrence claims to have counted me drinking 3 beers... which he wasn't very happy about... and he wasn't too keen on the vike either), and headed over to Lit for some dancing. I met up with the boyfriends, riled up the crowd, and when i attempted to go home at 4am I got kidnapped by Tim and SiouxZ and we ended up at her apt til 7am picking up where we left off at my apt... which was basically more beer and more music being played. I came home and while talking to Tim i had to excuse myself mid-sentence to empty the beer from inside me. It sucks coming back up. It's not that good going down, even. I woke up at 4pm on sunday.

Anyway, I've derailed from sobriety. Not because i've got a problem. I don't. The brother's think I might, but the reality of the situation is that I don't. I drink because rock and roll etiquette dictates that you must. However, to appease them, I will go back to my prior routine of no alcohol on a school night (except for tuesdays). It's either this or them forcing me into rehab, and well, I've got too many shows and parties to attend for rehab to get in the way.

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