Sunday, September 28, 2003

L'Shana Tova or something.

The past two nights have been spent eating. I dont really remember going to Shul or getting dressed or anything about much -- but i remember the food. I'm glad that I eat meat again or else i wouldn't have been able to taste the sweet goodness of wadda-ednab (aka stuffed grape leaves) and stuffed onion.

Seeing everyone in my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and people who are married to someone's husbands brothers and their kids), was surprisingly fun. My cousins, on both sides of my family, are fucking clever as shit and leave me speechless because I dont want to interrupt the course of action their normal thinking patterns usually go in. Usually the best jokes are those which are at someone elses expense, and in the case of my cousin Maurice, he made fun of everyone right to his faces on the dinner table while everyone became overwhelmed with laughter. Lizzy was my guest to one of the dinners last night (i had about 5 meals yesterday from 2pm-11pm), and she finally understood where i got my low brow humor from and why i'm not easily offended.

My family spent 15 minutes insulting Israelis as my uncle by marriage jokingly faught in defense of the little state he calls home. My family doesnt really hate israelis -- if they did, my aunt would've never been allowed to marry one -- they just like to point out what makes everyone different. And in this case, the thing that was different from Israelis and the rest of the world, is that Israelis would have a Bar-B-Q on Yom Kippur. Probably the only way you understand that sentance is if you are israeli, or deal with one on a fairly regular basis. I like israelis a lot. I think the men are super fucking hot and the women are as well. I've dated israelis. But one thing is that they're rude people. It's what makes them funny as fuck and wonderful to be around. No bullshit.

Anyway, I dont think i'ver ever laughed more in my entire life, and feel like referring that South Park episode again. I think that was the funniest night of my life, and i might never laugh again.

I didnt drink at all either -- well, except for a wee bit of wine. My aunt was offering us beers at her house at 1:30pm and was shocked that we all turned her down. I dont know, drinking at 1:30 in the pm just doesnt sound appealing. I think this proves that I'm not an alcoholic! At least not anymore. A true alcoholic would've been on that in a heartbeat and thought long and hard about how many more she'd be able to drink before leaving the house. I, however, was appalled by the idea of drinking. I'm a square now. It's true.

I'm gonna see Lost in Translation tonight with my roommates. I like Japanese culture and pointing out our differences. Time to eat again. mmmm...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I know this is not the place to do this but I must say you are incredibly gorgeous.

Also I love your writing.

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