Sunday, April 4, 2004


So i think this is gonna be the last time I blog before going to Miami for a week -- Unless someone in my family brings a laptop... which is totally possible. However, not sure postings like "sat on the beach today and got a little sunburnt, lizzy is gonna be pissed. my mom made stuffed peppers. yum. my name is sarah and i've been sober for too long at this point" would be all that interesting.

Last night I had such an amazing time at the very very dark Centrofly. I carried around a plastic champagne flute because on some vh1 special that i saw earlier that day, they were saying that the new pimping accessory for hip hops stars to have is a goblet displaying the owner's wealth. I felt like a plastic flute said a lot about me: broke and cheap.

Anyway, I danced to Audrey and Dennis' DJ set and really got blown away by Bastion and the Madison Strays. The MS are getting better with every show and Belvy's voice and stage presence is really starting to shine. Plus, Alex Chow's new haircut = total buzz.

DJing with Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke was really fun. At one point they came up to the DJ booth during my set to prepare for theirs so I dropped "Bigmouth Strikes Again" anticipating their reaction. Thankfully it was totally positive. Mike grabbed my waist and started dancing and singing along with me. It was totally surreal, but perhaps not as surreal by the numerous kisses the dude planted on my drunken head. They were friendly kisses. Very friendly kisses. The kind of kisses that my brother normally saves his "my fist/your face" looks for. At one point he walked me into a corner of the DJ booth -- I was stepping backwards and tripped over someone's jacket and knocked my head really fucking hard on some wood, and nearly blacked out for a moment actually -- as he reached down to help me up he said "I'm so sorry, I was just trying to give you a hug!" i replied "that's alright, you gave me a concussion instead!" I hugged him goodbye and thanked him for being in the band that saved mylife "well, you and radiohead and nirvana all saved my life... so thanks so much!". I'm older now, and a clever swine, but they were the only ones who ever stood by me.

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