Wednesday, April 14, 2004


First thing's first: This morning I was watching TV and they had a commercial for the theatrical debut of the next Olsen Twins movie. It looks so good, I'm not even kidding.

Last night I had some "Break the Bread" Passover's over dinner at Thai On Clinton with some usual suspects (Brian, Lindsay, Greg the Boyfriend, Ben, etc.). We discussed such wonderful dinner topics as "sex in the bathroom" and "sex in a corner booth" and "how to raise your two year old" and "Payas: Bringing home a jew girl to your jewish parents and passing her off as your girlfriend (the beard)."

Afterwards Elliot and I hopped into a cab and jetted off to the Secret Machines/Blonde Redhead show at Bowery. I can't believe how un-stoned I was for this show. I showed up more sober then I've been in ages and was like "whoa. so this is what the secret machines sounds like when i'm sober? Awesome." They're totally Flaming Lips meets the Queens of the Stoneage stoner rock that sounds as good with your eyes closed as open (which is convenient when you're 5'1 and can't see anyway), but I'd just like to give extra props to the low budget lighting set up that was actually way better then most lighting set ups i've ever seen. Basically it was like their accountant said "OK, we've got only enough in our budget to afford a kingsized bedding sheet and three spotlights." At one point the backlight lit so perfectly making their silhouettes glow with an almost angel like quality. I was happy that I opened my eyes for that part.

Anyway, here are a bunch of links that you may or may not enjoy.

Live video footage of a couple songs that Muse managed perform at the Atlanta show before Matt Bellamy split open his face.

An update on the status of the cell phone attempted robbery hottie.

For those of us needing a little Lloyd Dobbler in our lives, now you can wear him.

Looks like Nicole Richie and Justin Guarini are getting hitched. Buy them a gift.

Ewan on a hog for his new tv show.

For those of us who wondered "Could Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos get any hotter?" the answer is clear. Stick him in a school boy outfit and he actually gets hotter. Check out their new video for "Dark of the Matinee".

If that link doesn't work, try this one.

And then there's the British Sea Power video for "Childhood Memories" that my brother Lawrence is freaking out over. There's something absolutely perfect about BSP that makes me really fucking happy to be alive.

When I was 19 or 20 I was totally obsessed with a little group called Soulwax, then they became the international DJ duo known as 2ManyDJs. Finally they've recorded original material that you can hear here. [link via Fluxblog

For those who want to know what college is really like... go here. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was awful. I've blocked it out of my mind so much that I'd rather tell people that I didn't even go.

Finally, JasonProductShopNYC was kind enough to put up a link to where you can download last night's Pixies show. Unfortunately, i have no idea how to work "bit torrent", so if anyone can help...

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